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Are Birds “Cousins” to Reptiles?, 11/30/21, “Are Birds “Cousins” to Reptiles?” [Excerpts]: According to the evolutionary sequence of events, birds are supposed to have evolved from reptiles. If that had occurred in the past, it would mean that today’s birds such as robins and roadrunners would be distant cousins of reptiles such as cobras and crocodiles.
The Darwinian tale portrays today’s birds as winged dinosaurs that supposedly survived a global extinction event that supposedly occurred about 66 million years ago. Is there any eyewitness report supporting this magical scenario, or even evidence of any such time frame? No and no. Also, don’t look for missing-link fossils of such reptile-to-bird transitions. Those missing links are still missing.
There are myriads of errors in this evolutionary speculation, but only a few are mentioned here. In particular, this pseudoscience scenario requires swallowing at least three invalid and drastic premises:
1. The assumption that reptiles are not fundamentally different from birds.
2. The assumption that a secret agent (oxymoronically named natural selection, as if naturalistic outcomes were intended) can accidentally invent—and then secure (i.e., genetically “lock down”)—such traumatic transitional transmogrifications.
3. The assumption that any such transitions’ biochemical and genetic details, in defiance of entropy’s universal destructiveness, repeatedly escaped thermodynamic reality.
Segregated Bus Line Against Migrants, 11/21/21, “Dutch town gets segregated bus line against migrants” [Excerpts]: There will be a new, direct bus connection between Ter Apel and Zwolle station. In this way authorities hope to separate the nuisance-causing asylum seekers from an asylum center in Ter Apel from Dutch passengers in Emmen. Evidently, segregation is the only way to avoid the nuisance caused by migrants.
The hope is that the direct bus connection will prevent people in Emmen from having to deal with petty crime and assault while Ter Apel asylum seekers can still travel with a regular connection.
In addition, the municipality of Emmen, together with Vluchtelingenwerk, wants to see what can be done to return asylum seekers who have been deported from Ter Apel to their country of origin.
This is probably also the reason why the mayor has indicated that they would take “extra measures” together with the police and enforcers to solve the problem. For example, the municipality intends to use area bans “for the biggest rioters,” reported De Telegraaf.
The harsh reality is that nuisance-causing asylum seekers will not be facing any federal deportation measures from The Hague however.
White and Asian Applicants Largely Shunned, 12/2/21, “White and Asian male applicants largely shunned from investment program at Washington and Lee University” [Excerpts]: White and Asian male student applicants, with the slim exception of veterans or those with disabilities, are the only students who are not encouraged to apply for a lucrative learning opportunity offered through Washington and Lee University’s Williams School of Commerce, Economics and Politics.
The program is offered by the Williams Investment Society, or WIS, “a student organization that manages a portion of Washington and Lee University’s endowment in equity securities,” its website states.
“To promote equality of opportunity, the WIS has developed a successful diverse shadow program and we encourage you to apply if you self-identify with any of the following communities: Women, Black, Latinx, Latin, Native American, LGBTQ+, Veterans, and Students with Disabilities,” the society states in advertising the program.
The private institution lists on the bottom of the homepage of its website a disclaimer that “Washington and Lee University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran’s status, or genetic information in its educational programs and activities, admissions, and with regard to employment.”