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*Our purpose in this section is to simply show what kind of feedback we receive. We may respond to some of them in private whether or not we agree with their views. 

Dear TBC,

I pray for our brothers and sisters led astray by The Chosen as well. Sadly, many will make excuses for idolatry, especially when it comes to visual depictions of our Lord Jesus. As for Mary and other saints, that is the excuse I heard recently from a very close family member—“Catholics don't worship Mary.” In the same vein of what you said, the dozens of Marian shrines and statues, countless prayers to Mary, and Marian devotees inspired by apparitions prove the exact opposite. Calling it “veneration” is simply an excuse and I believe it’s an excuse to calm their own fears that we are right and it is against God's Word. SS (email)

Dear TBC,

It might be good to differentiate between those who say they hear from God constantly, and are actually walking in apostasy and those who are obeying the biblical exhortation to “Pray without ceasing” and other scriptures encouraging us to walk with Christ, of which bible meditation is very important but also yielding to His spirit. We could not really follow Him if we were not only reading His book and obeying, but also seeking Him in prayer and able to yield or listen and do what He prompts us to do.

Of course Jesus is the only one who could do this perfectly but also He is our example. I've been on both sides of the fence. The “constant communication” experienced while walking in apostate teaching has corrupt fruit and can be oppressive to self and others. But at first it seemed great, very deceptive. When I realized my error, I almost went too far the other way so that I was afraid to pray without ceasing. But immersing myself in God’s book (finding answers concerning following false teachers), biblical teachers, obeying the doctrines of Christ, avoiding false teaching (II John 7-11) those who followed it, etc…worked to make me stronger and show me what was real walking in communion with the Lord. BA (email)

Dear TBC,

I’m a bit surprised there was no mention of Jonathan Roumie’s pope and catholic worship in “Visual Idolatry” [TBC: See—https://bit.ly/3FZZ4qX]. However, the plumb line remains: Jesus Christ came to save. God is Spirit. We all must be redeemed and born again of the Holy Spirit. If there is a choice between watching Disney (or ANYTHING else), The Chosen is the far better option. Believers must plant seeds, but it is the Holy Spirit who will convict, and the Lord who will save. 

I think we need to be really careful about not undermining the sufficiency of Grace, and not tread into “legalism.” The enemy is delighted when believers bicker among themselves. BUT, when even one person trusts that our Lord lives and redeems, all of heaven rejoices. It would be better to remind people that The Chosen is a show about “human perspective” and the Bible is God's Word—and BOTH point to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We may very well be living in the last days, and if this show points even one person to the saving Grace and Love of Christ…well, that’s worth celebrating. Satan is the prince of this world, and the church will be fighting him until the end—we have to occupy and redeem the time until we’re finished in this life. AF (email)