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Just a note to say that I really enjoyed the two-part radio program on the Amish. My family background is Mennonite and Amish. I enjoyed hearing your guest talking about our ancestors coming over from Switzerland. At any rate, I just enjoyed your interview so much! I have family still in the Mennonite church and my aunt is now practicing yoga. There is no teaching there, just as in the churches in my area, no matter the denomination. Apostasy, apostasy—come quickly, Lord Jesus! Thank you for your discernment work! JH (IL)

Dear T. A.,

Thanks for your recent newsletter and reporting the success of the conference. It is so wonderful that there is still a strong witness for the Lord. We are living in the Latter Days, and to me it is comforting to know there is a Remnant in all the earth that is faithful. Christ is saying “watch” that you may be accounted worthy. Thus, as we have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is obvious that Israel is coming back into favor with the Lord God.

Now it is most apparent that Israel is being “regathered” and in the last three attacks by the Arab nations, Israel has been significantly victorious against all odds.

God’s covenant with the Patriarchs never went out of force. But God did say, “I will allow you to suffer,” and, in my opinion, they have suffered—suffering deprivation and destitution for many years. Now the mystery of God is working to conclude the saga. JP (UK)

Dear TBC,

We thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed reading the two-part August and September newsletter articles, “God of Jacob, God of Israel.” Though they were reprints from Dave’s archives, they are as relevant and significant today as they were ten years ago. And in typical Hunt fashion, they were thoughtfully and forcefully crafted to deliver a strong and inspired message consistent with the Berean tradition. We fully appreciate your ongoing ministry. JS (email)

Greetings Bereans,

Regarding a Berean newsletter of February 2006, specifically in the Q&A portion: It was a question about a book, and some remarks prompted a reply about the “Palestinian” people that caught my attention. For the first time, I heard that the Romans angrily renamed Israel, “Provincia Syria Palestina.” So then, the Jews were the first to be called “Palestinians.” Now we can understand that those who claim to be Palestinians are actually Arabs.

In reality, there are no genuine “Palestinians.” Also, I read in the encyclopedia that the name “Palestine” came from “Philistine.” Thank you. LF (CA)

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