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Tozer, A W
Mackintosh, CH

Let us not curse the Jews for delivering Jesus to be crucified. Let us not single out the Romans in blaming them for putting Jesus on the cross....Every one of us in Adam’s race had a share in putting Him on the cross! I have often wondered how any professing Christian man or woman could approach the communion table and participate in the memorial of our Lord’s death without feeling and sensing the pain and the shame of the inward confession, “I, too, am among those who helped put Him on the cross!” The prophet [Isaiah] reminds us clearly that the Saviour was bruised for “our iniquities” [53:5]....the fingerprints of all mankind are plain evidence against us.

A. W. Tozer
Who Put Jesus on the Cross?

[T]he Church indulges our desire to “feel good” instead of responding to our need to be spiritually challenged and fed through solid exposition of the Scriptures. The electronic Church in particular panders to our appetite for entertainment rather than authentic discipleship and maturity.

Joyce Main Hanks
Preface, Jacques Ellul’s The Humiliation of the Word

Individual faithfulness is rewarded with intimate fellowship with the heart of Christ ...and cheered...with the bright and blessed hope of the Lord’s coming....I would earnestly and affectionately entreat you to join in petition to our ever-gracious God to stir up the hearts of His beloved people all over the world to seek a more pronounced, wholehearted, devoted discipleship; to turn away from everything contrary to His Word; to be true to His Word and to His name in this dark and evil day; and thus realize the truth...that the greater the ruin [apostasy], the richer the grace; the deeper the gloom, the brighter the outshining of individual faith.

C. H. Mackintosh, 1820-1896