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TBC Staff

Dear Dave and T.A.,

You asked for feedback on the radio ministry. As you are not on a station in my area, I have been receiving it [on tape] monthly for the last couple years. I find the tapes to be very useful. They work in very well with my commute and exercise time. As a family physician, I have especially found your discussions on psychology and New Age medicine to be very instructive, and [they] help keep me on the straight and narrow course. ML (MI)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I recently purchased one of your books, A Cup of Trembling, in a U.K. charity shop. I have never before bought any book concerning religion; in fact I was dubious, thinking I’d probably never read more than a few pages. However, I found it extremely compelling. I am in the process of reading it for the third time. I have scoured bookshops and charity shops in the hope of finding more of your books—unfortunately, to no avail. I am neither Jewish nor a practicing Christian….Maybe it is the troubled times we now find ourselves in, with the threat of terrorism literally on our doorstep….A Cup of Trembling has had such an impact on me. It has awakened and stirred something deep within myself, which I have not felt since early childhood. Your book has taught me much regarding Judaism and about Christianity. I feel like I have just woke up after 47 years. I have been walking around with my eyes closed and trusting that everybody—governments and churches—wants to find a solution for a peaceful Israel. Your book has given me answers, but I thirst to know more. MN (England)

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for years of helps. I’ve been stressed by discomfort in “megachurch.” Trying to describe [it], I come up with “Christian Lite,” but am I just old and critical? There are lots of good aspects, but my spirit is not at peace….I see too much reliance on dynamic pastors…music that stirs the flesh and becomes hypnotic, going over and over the lyrics; “mission money” really means building fund; financial statement only on request; Alpha Course is main evangelism tool….Does Christ hold rightful place? I see extreme dedication to the church, but to Christ? I don’t hear it….It feels “American”—fun, 90 percent contemporary music, assigned sermons, about ten pastors for different groups, sports teams—no prayer meetings, no Sunday night services…Starbucks coffee and relaxed dress code, but pushing modesty. It “feels” like a guru worship scene. JS (MD)

Dear Berean Call,

Please remove me from your mailing list. I’ve been disappointed in Dave ever since he wrote such a scathing criticism of Calvinists—believers in the doctrines of sovereign grace—of whom I am one. JH (TX)

Dear Folks at Berean Call,

With so much false teaching right in our churches...it is a comfort to know you are there. I have learned so much from Dave’s book Occult Invasion that I bought a copy for my son to use as a witnessing tool. LL (NJ)

Dear Dave Hunt,

The excess in everything in this enlightened age leaves those of us who refuse to be “politically correct,” [and who] rely on the God of the Scriptures, very much in the minority. I applaud your uncompromising stand. By naming names, you are a watchman on the wall—to ones like me, who want to be warned. SH (AZ)

Dear Dave,

Thank you for writing A Woman Rides the Beast. It has helped me to focus on the simplicity of salvation….I am almost ashamed to admit that I did not recognize Satan’s work in trying to keep us from believing that Jesus’ sacrifice was 100 percent sufficient. Even as people of the reformed faith, it seems we want to hang on to favorite sins, or think we can earn brownie points with God by doing the right things. Gratitude needs to be our driving force. Satan’s only job is to get between our salvation and Christ. Either we believe or we don’t. Either Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient or it’s not. As the Bible says, anything more or less is from the father of lies. As we see the buds on the fig trees become tender, we must stand together as Christian people to expose Satan and his work. Thank you again for your research and work. Thank God for your talents.  TD (Canada)