Question: Please comment on this new bestseller, The Da Vinci Code. It claims the Bible was collated by Constantine and a vote of the Council of Nicea.... |

TBC Staff

Question: Please comment on this new bestseller, The Da Vinci Code. It claims the Bible was collated by Constantine and a vote of the Council of Nicea, which did away with the gospels that spoke of Christ’s humanity and embellished gospels to make him godlike. The Council voted to establish Him as “Son of God.” The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the modern Bible was compiled and edited by men who possessed a political agenda to promote the divinity of the man Jesus Christ [in order] to solidify their own power base. The “Holy Grail” was revealed by Da Vinci in his painting of the Last Supper when he painted Mary Magdalene on Jesus’ right. The “secret” that is being hidden is that Jesus was married to Mary and they had a child. The “Priory of Zion” secret society claims this is a royal bloodline that still exists. They worship the female deity, Mary Magdalene. My concern is that young Christians could be misled and the bias of non-Christians against the church and Bible strengthened.

Answer: This is sensational nonsense, which many are more willing to believe than the truth. There was no vote at the Council of Nicea concerning the books of the Bible. They were simply quoted by both sides. The Old Testament had been settled centuries before Christ, and no vote was needed for the New Testament. It was not until the Third Council of Carthage 72 years later that the first counciliar declaration in this regard would be made. Christians knew and agreed by consensus upon the New Testament.

Yes, the Council of Nicea did put down the heresy of Arius, who denied that Jesus was God. But they settled the matter from the Bible and not by Constantinian edict. The Old Testament itself proves Christ’s deity. Among the Dead Sea Scrolls was almost a complete copy of Isaiah, which turned out to be exactly the same as the copies the church already had—and it clearly declares Christ’s deity. No one could tamper with the Old Testament, of which we have the Septuagint dating back prior to 200 BC—and it agrees with the New Testament. The historical and prophetic accuracy of the Bible and its doctrinal unity from Genesis to Revelation proves it has never been revised in any way.

That Da Vinci painted a woman into the Last Supper is disputed—but what would it matter if he did? He wasn’t there and is not the authority. “Holy Grail” is more nonsense and sensationalism. That Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene is more of the same. You put your finger on the obvious bias—denying Christ’s deity while elevating Mary as goddess.

Prove that this book is foolishness? It contradicts the Bible, which we know is the truth, and therefore it must be false. The Bible is filled with historical and prophetical proofs for which there is not enough space to recite here.