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TBC Staff

Dear Faith Defenders,

Just before lunch we listened to your video Israel, Islam & Armageddon. What a backdrop it gave us for watching next the live telecast of President Bush’s inauguration and the parade....It seems more than ever that the USA is indeed playing a significant role on Israel’s stage. And never had we heard actual references to Christianity such as [were] spoken out at this time….We’d like to believe Bush is truly born again, but we still think he is untaught in the whole Word of God. Sounded like he equates the Bible with the Koran. That is what we see about almost all of the younger believers now. It’s so difficult to discern who is truly born again vs. some who think they’re born again because of raising a hand, going forward in church, etc….To recognize Jesus’ complete atonement for me is the only way believing in Him as my Savior is credible….You may begin to be buffeted because of your stand for the Gospel. That, not from God, but from so-called fellow believers, is something that they will be held accountable for….We pray that critical ones will not erase you but come to realize how true to Christ you are. VG (KS)

Dear T.A.,

I want to thank you for the TBC Extra in the January letter, which is excerpts from a critique of The Purpose Driven Life….When I read your newsletter, I got out my book and my Bible and compared many quotes, and you are right—some phrases are misinterpreted. If it were not for your letter, I may not have noticed. You taught me a good lesson. When I see Bible quotes in a book, I should look them up in the Bible and make sure they have been interpreted correctly. CG (MT)

Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,

I am writing to say thank you for having the courage to address the man-centered, non-biblical teachings of 40 Days of Purpose. The adoration of this movement is so pervasive in churches today [that] I believe it borders on cultic worship. In these churches…there is enormous pressure to “get on board,” come to all the events, join a 40 Days study group, etc. I’ve not been able to “get on board” now in two different churches, because I recognized that there was more about man than God in this. It is also a management tool for ambitious pastors of seeker-friendly churches to grow their church, as though that equates to growing the kingdom of God. Thank you for caring more about pleasing God than pleasing man. JS (WA)


I …heard your program. Frankly I was disgusted at the way in which you pulled apart concepts in The Purpose Driven Life that have helped millions of people in very practical, life-applicable ways. I have no doubt that you have some points when it comes to another interpretation of the meaning of some of the scriptures Rev. Warren quotes. However, your irreverent, tactless comments did nothing to convince me of your argument….Saying that the book “misleads” people as though it is causing harm to them is rude and thoughtless….I was totally unimpressed with your analysis….Your program was a big disappointment. I won’t be listening again. CS (CA)

Dear Brethren,

As a pastor, I want to thank you for your stand on the important issues of the day that relate to the reliability and sufficiency of the Scriptures for life and godliness. Specifically, I have been troubled by some things in the Rick Warren Purpose Driven books….Having studied Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic in Bible college and seminary, I have real trouble with Warren and others quoting the Bible paraphrases as being authoritative and reliable as a study Bible. I also struggle with the use of pop psychology to interpret Scripture. This puts man, not God, in charge, and it lets man determine by human wisdom what is true and what is not. We must let God, in His Word, speak for Himself! JL (email)

Dear Brother Dave Hunt,

I would like to thank you for the books you’ve taken time to write, such as The Seduction of Christianity and Occult Invasion….I find it absolutely bizarre how the world is becoming more “spiritual” (nothing is secular any more) and the church is becoming more secular (nothing is sacred any more) and both are meeting together in the middle and no one is noticing! Thank you again for fighting the true fight of faith. We will win! RD (TN)

My beloved Dave Hunt & all your dear staff,

Our trials here below turn our hearts back to Calvary in what our Savior suffered to cleanse us by His precious blood, and not only this but He prepared a place in Heaven with Him. How can we complain when He loves us so much? As I lay alone, but not alone—knowing he resides within…Excuse my writing—85 years old. NA (FL)

Dear Dave and Tom,

I am blessed that God led me to your radio program a few weeks ago. Since that time I’ve visited your website and subscribed to your email list....May God continue to bless you for the courage to speak the truth. JM (PA)