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McMahon, T.A.

Thank You

I remember Dave one day sadly pondering a rather disturbing trend influencing the Body of Christ that we were about to address. He added wistfully how he would much prefer that the bulk of TBC’s writing could be simply devotional rather than correctional according to the Scriptures. We all feel that way here at TBC.

On the other hand, neither obedience to our calling nor the spiritual times in which we’re living allow us to give in to our “druthers.” Furthermore, the wonderfully encouraging feedback we receive from our readers confirms that although our discernment-oriented subject matter isn’t the most joyful of content, it is being received as a blessing in these days of tremendous confusion and deception within the church.

So, thank you for writing to us with your encouragement. And forgive us that we are unable to respond to every one of you with a personal note.

 T.A. McMahon
 Executive Director