Question: Have you read former President Carter's new book Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid? |

TBC Staff

Question: Have you read former President Carter's new book Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid? Rabbi Marvin Hier of the SimonWiesenthalCenter has said that Carter's book is "blatantly one-sided and unbecoming of a former president." I was wondering what your thoughts are.

Response:Yes, I've read that brazenly anti-Israel book.  Israel is blamed for everything, the Arabs are whitewashed. Arafat is called "a strong leader...well-educated...[who] turned much of his attention to raising funds for the care and support of the refugees and inspiring worldwide contributions to their cause." No mention is made that Arafat and his PLO murdered thousands, or that he siphoned off billions for his Swiss bank accounts, lied continually, and never kept one promise that he made to Israel. Carter writes as an unabashed promoter of PLO and Muslim lies, which he passes off as the informed truth, for example: that Arabs, PLO, or "Palestinians" have never threatened Israel, have always wanted peace and have done all they could to effect it, and that the land of Israel belongs to them as descendants of the original inhabitants-none of this true!

Carter dares to say that the Israeli kibbutz dwellers in 1948, who had few and inferior weapons,  were "better armed" than the regular armies of the six  Arab nations (600,000 against 60,000) who attacked Israel with tanks and planes, of which Israel had none. He says it was "the continuing state of war between Israel and its neighbors [that] caused many Jews to flee Syria, Iraq, and other Arab countries to Israel." No, it was 1,300 years of perpetual persecution and murder of thousands that caused Jews to flee to Israel when it became a nation and offered the first refuge they'd ever had.

Carter's claim that in 1993 Arafat and his PLO "recognized the right of Israel to exist in peace and security...renounced the use of terrorism [and] those articles of the PLO covenant that deny Israel's right to exist" is not true. He blames "Israeli repression" of Palestinian rights for the terrorist attacks against Israel, exonerating the Arabs. He accuses Israel of imposing "apartheid" upon the "Palestinians" and says, "Peace will come...when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international accepting its legal borders."

Carter is scandalously dishonest. In fact, Israel accepted the borders set by the UN in 1948. "Palestinians" could have been living in peace for the last 60 years, had they done likewise. Instead, the Arabs refused to accept the existence of an Israel of any size, attacked to annihilate her, and have sought to destroy her ever since. Any land Israel ever took was in self-defense against an enemy that will not recognize her existence (no Arab map in the world shows Israel). Why should Israel retreat to the indefensible borders dictated by the UN in 1948 (as Carter advocates), which the Arabs refused to accept?

Never in history has an attack upon any country other than Israel been for the purpose of annihilation, which has been sworn to repeatedly by the Arab world. Muslims must destroy Israel-or renounce their religion, Allah, Muhammad,  and the Qur'an. Never was any nation except Israelblamed for failing to make peace with an enemy whose openly stated and irreversible goal was its total destruction. Never was a nation so pressured by the world to surrender territory taken in self-defense as has been Israel. Carter's book justifies the Muslim desire to  destroy Israel in order to make "peace."  In contrast, we give you the shocking truth in Judgment Day (see offering list).