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Dear Ones,
Over the years since the release of The Seduction of Christianity I have been blessed by the ministry of Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon. This has come to me through The Berean Call, books, tapes, CDs, videos, and now MP3s, DVDs, the internet. Two words come to mind: WOW and Hallelujah!!! Keep up the good work. RC (NC)

Dear Dave,
Our God is so good. In yesterday's mail I received a sharp rebuke for being a separatist after questioning the manager of our local "Christian" radio station as to a local priest calling Mary our intercessor on his station. I also received "I Love the Lord" (2008 TBC Conference), through which I wept. Thank you for being a lover of the Truth. RF (PA)

I was torn about whether...I should ask you to keep sending the newsletter to us because I know it costs you money, and...I could read it online. It's just that I know I wouldn't do it. I can keep the paper with me, carry it around until I have a few minutes while waiting somewhere, or read it at night before I fall asleep. If it's online, I will scan it as I do all my other email correspondence. If my printer is working, I could print it out. Right now it's not working again. I'll leave it up to you. I do appreciate your ministry so much. You say many things clearly that need to be said. We are an inner city church,...rejoicing in what we see the Lord do and provide. We are among your reformed readers-who disagree with you on that one point....Keep up the good work. Just yesterday one of my church members asked, "Are there any kinds of modalities in wholistic medicine Christians should avoid?" I knew exactly which website to go searching for specific answers. May the Lord bless you. DS (PA)

Dear TBC,
TBC is a valued resource and note of Biblical sanity for me here in the midst of the very syncretistic church in this place. Materials come in from all manner of groups and are accepted uncritically by most of the professed believers. Detailed study of the Word of God is not honored by most here, and basically anything goes. I have the privilege (from the LORD) of teaching an exegetical Bible study to a few other men who want to know God the only real way, through His word. But for the most part, things are quite shallow here, as also in the outside world. In this latest TBC you have a letter calling you on the carpet for naming Benny Hinn et al., saying that is divisive. I suppose that makes Paul divisive, as he names Cephas in Gal:2:11, when he found him condemned of hypocritical behavior. RJ (prisoner, TX)

Hi Dave,
I just sigh with anguish at the way the churches are just swallowing every new mystical thing. I came to Christ over thirty years ago and worked...exposing the JWs and Mormons and saw the horrors of the cult's corrupt doctrines. I am now seeing those mind-manipulation methods running rampant within the...churches here in North Kent, UK. I just want to say thank you for being there and for the witness of The Berean Call. DC (UK)

Dear Brother Hunt and Staff,
I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the December Berean Callnewsletter. I have been receiving your newsletter for a number of years, and found the cover and contents [of] this issue to be very inspirational. You can't do a one-up on God's word. Tom's feature article was very good, and I appreciated the Q&A section, which had Dave's answer to a question about The Message. Dave's comment about the mistranslation of Hebrews:11:16, changing it to "God is Proud of them," was very encouraging [as] I have been in correspondence and discussions with several...pastors regarding Pride. GR (ID)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
It's...been over 20 years since I wrote the first (and only) time. I was a young adult with my head in the clouds, wanting to experience God in a new and exciting way. Your book The Seduction of Christianity was a slap in the face to my newfound "name that blessing" theology. I'm afraid that my letter was less than gracious. Twenty years later, I can appreciate the wake-up call you gave to the Body of Christ....[My family finally] realized how critical it is to have a relationship with God that is real, a relationship that sustains, a relationship that is based on what Christ has done for us. I can remember far too many times sitting in a service begging the Holy Spirit to deliver a special word to me, then leaving disheartened. What a joy it is to be assured of God's love for me as I read His Word. Knowing that my salvation is not a reward for being good but by God's grace alone has given me the peace and security I sought after for so long. I am embarrassed by my juvenile rant and apologize for the disrespect I showed you (not to mention what I did to the Scriptures). I also remember the kind and humble reply you sent. Thank you for your perseverence in taking an unpopular yet honest stand for the integrity of God's Word. BF (ID)