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TBC Notes - To Air or Not to Air?

McMahon, T.A.

To Air or Not to Air?

In the spirit of good stewardship, and with a view to the potential economic woes our country is facing, TBC's Board of Directors has advised TBC to trim back our spending where it is prudent. One such area is radio broadcasting, where some increased costs have been out of touch with our economy. For example, one station in Southern California nearly doubled our rate a year ago and then increased it again by 25 percent last month. Although that's an extreme case, it motivated us to review what we spend on radio broadcasting and concluded that we should choose "not to air."

We plan to continue radio production, even developing new programs for the future. However, distribution for our programs will be primarily through our website and subscription CDs (with financial assistance available). A few stations have graciously decided to run our programs at no charge.

To Conference or Not to Conference?

Our November 2008 TBC Conference was a wonderful experience for us and for all who attended. The feedback was great. Nevertheless, we have decided to defer our next conference until 2010. Our hope is to schedule the event in July or August, when it is more feasible for families and students. We want to do whatever we can to reach our next generation. The year's postponement will also be helpful to Dave Hunt as he devotes his time and energy to completing Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny.

T.A. McMahon
Executive Director