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Dear Dave,   
I just want to sincerely thank you for all the wonderful DVDs and CDs that are available through The Berean Call. Thank you for contending for the faith and for being loyal to God's precious word. Thank you for alerting us to all the dangers out there, the false gospels, the seducing spirits, the unbiblical movies and books, etc., and for reminding us to search the Scriptures for ourselves to find the truth. Jesus said "sanctify them with thy truth, thy word is truth." When we seek Him we will find Him when we search for Him with our whole heart.... MD (South Africa)

Dear Dave, T. A. & staff
We pray that you will continue to be used by the Lord for His glory and for the edification of the saints (believers) in Christ Jesus. You have been discipling us since around 1985 before The Seduction of Christianity came out. The steadfast adherence to the Lord and His Word has never wavered in the midst of many ministries falling away from the faith or compromising the faith. PS (CO)

Dear TBC,
Thank you so much for your strong stance in this day and age when most do not endure sound doctrine. There is a lot of religious activity here, but most of it is a show of the flesh. We do have one very small and intimate assembly where Christ is central and the undiluted Word is preached and taught. There are never any more than ten brothers there on Wednesday evening, with usually 5 or less on Thursday, with the same brother, who is a pastor of an assembly in a town about 30 minutes away. MD (prisoner, LA)

Dear Dave,
I have followed your ministry for many years. My grandma started me reading your newsletters. What a blessing it has been for me all these years. You really keep us from getting into false doctrine. When all this started with the yoga I know in my heart it was wrong, and then the Lord confirmed it when you wrote an article on it. So I just wanted to say "thanks" and I will continue to keep you in my prayers and your staff. You all do such a great job. BS (NV)

Dear Brethren,     
Thank you so much for sending again your newsletter, which I read eagerly....I do still attend [fellowship] on a regular basis...as long as I see God's will in doing so....Here the leaven of Antichrist has penetrated almost all congregations, so I believe we just have to practice where it says: "Where are two or three congregated in my name..." and do away with denominations, organizations, institutions, etc. WU (Bolivia)

Dear Dave and Staff,
This is to thank you for providing those beautiful and effective cards [God of Wonders DVD]. I have had many calls and notes to thank us for sending them. They have gone all over the world (two to Israel)....Our youth director has shown it to our youth group, etc. Your design department worked so hard and we thank them as well. T&VB (VA)

Mr. Hunt,
I read Seduction of Christianity and Beyond Seduction when they first came out over 20 years ago. In my collection of books...I came across them again and decided to re-read them. Where it was hard to see some of what you were saying back then, in part because I was a younger Christian, and in part because the changes you were describing really hadn't manifested themselves to me to the extent you asserted, I now see them as clear as day. With morals and values in this country at an all-time low and, even worse, with the church so compromised by secular values and the influence of psychology, the warnings in these books are even more insightful in retrospect. I am sorry the church has not heeded your warnings....It must be disappointing to you as you reflect on your attempt to warn the church yet see your warnings seemingly go unheeded. If so, please don't be. Even if the church at large failed to recognize the insidious forces infiltrating it, there are individuals within it who appreciated what you had to say. In the end, remember the warnings to the churches in Revelation, which ended up being directed to the overcomers. With them in mind, the current state of the church makes the Lord's return seem especially close....Please take some encouragement from knowing that you did your part in helping those of us of the same faith to be more discerning during the church's decline. You reminded many that reliance on the Lord and His Word is what we all need. We just need to interpret it as intended and not through the prism of the world's influences (psychology, compromised morals, and relative values). I doubt we'll ever meet in this life, but it will be nice to catch up with you in the one to come. JG (email)

Dave and all at TBC,
It is a joy and blessing to be able to participate in your faithful work-spreading the gospel of Christ and sharing the truth. Our prayer is for your continued health and strength to go on until the Lord returns. MF (NV)

Dear Ones in Christ,
I am so very grateful to you all for your sound, fundamental, scriptural, uncompromising stand so true to the doctrines and teachings of God's word. I am 89 years old and was taught in my teens these sound teachings and also about how in the last days so many would be led astray. We need your teaching to enlighten God's people. EI (PA)