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Her*meneutics (n.) The Christianity Today blog for women, 1/18/2010 [Excerpts]: Dr. Grace Augustine: Avatar's Christian Character? Well, Christian-ish, anyway. Grace, played by Sigourney Weaver, is the lead scientific researcher on Pandora. Her name suggests connections to the Christian faith, and yet the film doesn't make them clearly.

As a scientist, Grace believes that the spiritual beliefs of the Na'vi have a biological basis. Every living thing on Pandora really is connected, biologically speaking, and pulses with an energy that fuels the planet. She is not dismissive of the Na'vi's spirituality, yet she does equate it with biological fact.

But then Grace gets wounded by gunshot, and Sully asks the Na'vi to use the power of Eywa to heal Grace. Surrounded by chanting Na'vi, Grace lies before the "throne" of Eywa (the center of a huge tree). The tendrils of Eywa encircle Grace in both her human and avatar body. Apparently, the hope is that Grace's consciousness can move from her dying human body to her healthy avatar bodies. The transition, however, fails. As Grace is dying, she says, with joy, "Eywa. I see her."

These final words become Grace's statement of faith. She uses the language of the Na'vi to acknowledge Eywa as more than a biological reality. For this tribe (as for followers of Jesus), seeing involves more than the physical use of eyesight. It involves understanding, knowing, giving and receiving from one to another. So when Grace says that she "sees" Eywa, she is acknowledging the spiritual reality behind the biological truth. She is acknowledging a personal deity. And perhaps, in her death, there is grace at work.

[TBC: We're thankful that a few recognize the utter foolishness of this Christianity Today-supported article, including this forthright comment: "Why all these efforts to make silk out of the spiritual sow's ear that is Avatar? Dr. Augustine didn't 'come to Jesus,' she merged into a tree (any Old Testament groves come to mind?) and the supposed life force of Pandora."]

Christian Newswire, 2/24/2010: Left Behind Games Inc., a leading publisher of Christian video games, and Digital Praise, the world’s largest privately held company producing Christian video games, today announced they have entered into a merger agreement.

Digital Praise realized its first big hit in 2005 with Dance Praise, a game integrating a dance mat and music from top Christian artists. Its biggest hit, Guitar Praise, was released in late 2008. The game utilizes a unique wireless guitar that lets players jam with popular Christian musicians.

CEO Troy Lyndon adds, “We believe every child and gamers of all ages should have the opportunity to play Christian games. We are grateful to our investors who believe in our mission and purpose; and who have made this merger possible.”

[TBC: See TBC notes for another “mission and purpose.”]