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Dear Brother Dave and T. A.,
Thank you for faithfully sending me your monthly newsletter. Your articles and teachings on real Christianity bless my soul....Bro. Dave, your book Cosmos should be read by everyone! The battle of evolution vs. creation is so clear....As a 75-yr-old retired Kindergarten teacher, I am still in the process of learning...learning to get closer to the Lord. TBC has been a God-given blessing for years! May God keep you and grant you many more years. AW (GA)

Thank you for the DVD/book set about yoga. I had read the book before, but the DVD adds to and reinforces the book's warnings of yoga being dangerous. The DVD had much valuable information of itself. I belong to a Christian book club, buying books by mail or online. Yes, they offer (I don't buy) "Christian" yoga DVDs and books. I've tried Laurette Willis' Praise Moves--just yoga under a "Christian" umbrella. I wasted a lot of money [and] over 40 years (of being a believer) by getting into and out of yoga, other Eastern practices, contemplative prayer, the whole mysticism genre. I didn't know that these are dangerous to our minds and our walk with God. Only His Word, His love, can save us, keep us, and complete our lives. Thank you! VW (NE)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Berean Call Staff,
This note is to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your ministry. I have learned so much and was made aware that some of what goes on in the name of "sound" teaching is not so sound. When I was using an internet service, I read your newsletters online. Your articles on psychology, emergent church, etc., opened my eyes to what is being filtered into many of our evangelical churches. Many Christians are not Bible students at home and are in danger of being deceived. Because of apologetic ministries like The Berean Call, many can still read and hear the warnings.Thanks be to God for your ministry and the determination He has given you to stand firm as a Watchman pointing out the danger to His people. May God deep you strong in your commitment to God and His Word despite persecution. May God continually bless and prosper you and your work. CF (CA)

Dear Dave, T. A., Staff and families,
Wishing you God's blessings in the New Year and we just want to say "Thank You!" for your ministry to us for so many years. Recently we have given out about a dozen copies of An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith, such an excellent resource to express what the Bible says the Christian life is about...it can be given to non-Christians and "religious" people alike, since the apologetic is for a relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ, not appeals to join a church denomination or to follow a "leader." I thank your staff for their efficient and loving manner in filling book/literature orders, too! LC (WA)

Hi Dave,
I just want to tell you that I recently finished reading The God Makers and found it a fascinating and in-depth treatment of Mormonism. I learned more about the Mormon religion from your book than I ever thought I would. Sadly, they are next to impossible to win to the Christ of the Bible and the biblical doctrine of Salvation by grace. Thank you so much for such detailed information. God bless you! KV (email)

I don't know how often it is that a book like your What Love Is This? is read and considered by one who is seeking the truth on the issue, or is considered honestly from one on the other side (it makes sense that often these books are read by those who are already convinced of their stand) but, I have been incredibly confused on the issue and leaning toward Calvinism for several months. I should say that several months ago I had written and asked about getting a copy of your book but [didn't have] the money to purchase one. A few days ago, I was surprised to get a copy of your book from your ministry in the mail. It was incredible timing because I was right at the verge of accepting Calvinism, but I read your book, and I praise God for the simplicity of the Gospel it reminded me of and called me back to. Thank you! VR(email)

Dear T. A. McMahon, Dave Hunt, and Staff,
Thank you for your most informative January 2011 newsletter. The article "The Temporal Delusion, Part 3" shows us definitely how the church is being diverted and the stage set for the finale. The examples you cited of the YMCA and the Salvation Army should be adequate to show how misguided the social ills-driven program is. The review of The Hole in Our Gospel, including its endorsement by Christian "leaders," gives us a frightening view. Jesus' ministry and Paul's ministry were consistently aimed at the spiritual needs of the hearers, and material needs were secondary (alongside the ministry of the Word of God). I don't see anywhere in the New Testament where the aim of Christian ministry included an effort to solve the big problems of society, like hunger, poverty, and "social injustice." These will not be solved until the King returns! Keep up the good work of helping us see the trends! TF (email)

Dear Berean Call,
Thank you again for your many efforts to try and help the body of Christ to discern the errors of our day. That is certainly an admirable endeavor. We have subscribed to the newsletter for several years now and benefited from it, but recent correspondence in support of your dispensational views has prompted us to look more carefully at our association. The pamphlet you mailed, "End Times--How Close Are We?" honestly is quite confusing. After studying the Scriptures, we find that we do not subscribe to these views. As a result, because of your emphasis, and in the interest of time and economy, we regretfully request you to remove us from your mailing list. Please listen to those who are courageously speaking up--asking you to reconsider what you are teaching others--and understand that parting ways is not our first choice. It is a decision that is both difficult and grievous. Division is not what Christ intended. Our prayers will be with you as well as the memories of that which has been helpful. AC (OR)

Hey Dave,
I write to commend your excellent work A Calvinist's Honest Doubts Resolved as it is similar to my own thinking. I found that when I embraced Calvinism, my compassion for the lost waned. After all, if the non-elect are predestined to Hell why have compassion for them? I also heard a tragic story of a pastor and his church that went so deeply into Calvinism [that] the pastor became depressed by its fatalism and committed suicide. Anyway, keep up the good work, and don't be intimidated by your opponents! RH (England)

You all do a remarkable job and a tremendous service to the Body of Christ! I marvel at your accurate research and good documentation on current trends in the real world of spiritual warfare. May God grant you courage, wisdom, and the abundant means (intellectual, spiritual, and economic) in your efforts to clarify and defend biblical truth. RM (email)

This is just a brief note to thank you for the articles you are writing about apostasy in the church. The term "Evangelical" has completely lost its meaning due to apostasy. The Bible prophesies that gross apostasy will be one of the signs of the end times, and we are seeing those prophecies fulfilled before our very eyes today. And you are certainly correct in attributing it to a lack of knowledge of God's Word. DR (email)

Dear Dave,
I am absolutely compelled to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your article "Born That Man No More May Die" ["Christ and Christmas"] in December 2010. Excellent, as usual. Thank you again! Your newsletter is always enlightening as is Tom McMahon's. I have been a privileged recipient for years, and hope to be for years to come. I have and will continue to pray for both of you, Courageous Christians. RG (WI)

Praise the Lord for this ministry and that you never pump for money like so many other ministries in a "Madison Avenue" [approach], or "God is broke." Thank you that you make tents as Paul did and don't pressure or advertise like the others. Your messages are "for such a time as this." NR (VA)

Dear Friends at TBC,
I first saw Dave Hunt in the 1980s on TV. Loved him then, and still do! Also, T.A. and Edwin have been such a true blessing, as well. You wonderful people take such a loving interest in the people who support you. My heartfelt thanks. YS (MN)

Thank you for exposing the danger posed by Glenn Beck in your recent newsletter. It reminds me how important it is for Christians to be careful about who and what influences them. I continue to pray for the success of your ministry. JR (NC)

Dear TBC,
[Re TBC NewsWatch, 02/11] What bothers me most is Rick Warren saying [that] all 5,000 small groups will go through the "Daniel Plan" (or else?). I have seen this trend of using small groups in large churches to control and reinforce the teaching that the Bible is not enough--you need to do this "other" thing. I lead both a men's small group and a couple's small group [at my church]. (I'm a former Celebrate Recovery leader.) In both our small groups we have scrapped the "package DVD/small booklet study guides" format, and have just been using the Bible alone. We just had too many serious issues going on in people's lives, e.g., broken marriages, bankruptcies, etc., and just couldn't keep fooling around anymore. The results have been amazing. Last week I asked our couples group if they wanted to do the DVD things again. Everyone was quick to say no, let's just stick with the Word!...You guys are right on with what's going on in our churches, and what you say is making a difference! DC (email)