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Dear TBC,
Thanks so much for making this information available. Your monthly newsletter is always an exhortation, encouragement, and edification to us, and we rejoice every time we see it arrive in the mail. JC (MO)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I would just like to thank you for listening to the voice of God and [sharing] the gospel undiluted. My wife and I have learned a great deal...from your books, DVDs and teachings and we are searching the Scriptures in everything....May our Lord and Saviour bless you for sacrificing your life for the gospel. JV (email)

Dear Berean Call Ministry,

I am writing...to offer my utmost thanks for your December 2011 publication. To be honest, I didn't even know about your ministry until this last month. One of the articles..."False Teachers Among You" by Paul Van Noy, really spoke to me in a profound way.

I am an inmate in one of California's prisons. I am a born-again Christian and serve in the leadership of the chapel here. I was moved to confront a false teacher that had risen up in the leadership. Subsequently, I've been targeted...as the antagonist, not this false teacher. Granted, there are several that see the truth and are confronting this false prophet as well, but others had been deceived. I had a particularly rough day and my friend brought me the copy of this article. It clarified my heart and purpose exactly. All my confusion, doubts, and uncertainty [were relieved by] the word Pastor Van Noy brought forth. I have, in turn, been able to encourage others through it. Thank you so much for your publication because without it I wouldn't have received the much-needed encouragement exactly when I needed it. Thank you for encouraging others to follow the Berean's example of studying the Scriptures (Acts:17:10-11)....May God bless your ministry. JH (CA, prisoner)


Let me preface this with stating up front that I am not a psychologist, nor have I studied psychology, but [have] only been introduced to some of the theories in some college classes actually on criminal justice. I have recently watched yet another YouTube video (6 part, this one) by the Berean Call on how psychology is detrimental and undermines the church, is all new age, and in essence, the work of the devil....All psychologists and psychology are condemned, and the answer is to turn to your pastor for counseling....

Granted, there are certain ideologies brought forth by Jung, Freud, Skinner, and others that make a reasoning person ponder their "mental health" but, at least, like most pioneers in any form, they saw something, identified a pattern, and looked further into it by presenting a thesis and theories to examine; right or wrong....

Why then, is the entire practice of psychology condemned by the Berean Call?...Daniel interpreted dreams, and was of God, yet [you say that] anyone else who "interprets dreams" is a hack. How are you so certain the source of the interpretation always originates from Satan?

Certainly in the early days of psychology, pastors were presented with the idea that perhaps since they were not educated in counseling they should defer to a trained professional. This, your video indicated, was a ploy to undermine the confidence of the clergy to defer to trained professionals.

If, according to the Berean Call, every problem we have today can be corrected by going to your pastor for counseling, why is it then, that [according to the Leadership Survey of 2001] the most learned group of people on the subject of the Bible, theology and God's word, have one of the highest percentage of pornography addiction and compulsion of any other single profession? Can you explain that?

Where then, does a member of the clergy turn to for help? According to the Berean Call, all psychologists and all psychotherapy destroys the church and are condemned across the board. How apt is the pastor to admit to their addiction to another pastor, a family member, a member of their congregation, or anyone that they, according to the Berean Call, are to turn to? If not them, and if, according to the Berean Call, they are certainly not to go to a counselor/psychologist for help, where do they turn?

And if the clergy has no place to turn without the "rent a friend" concept of psychotherapy that the Berean Call condescendingly referred to, where are individuals outside the church to go for someone non-judgmental to talk with and work through their issues? I've just gotten fed up with the 100 percent condemnation of an entire field of study. It's getting really, really, really old! DW (email)

Dear Dave and Tom,

Thank you so much for obeying the call of God in fulfilling your ministry. We have been so blessed by all the works you have produced-as a church and in our immediate family.

My husband pastors our church here in [the] UK and our three children are all totally committed to the Lord's work here too. [Y]ou have had a huge impact on [our children's] lives and been a great encouragement spiritually to all of us. I want you to know that you are so appreciated this side of "the pond," and we really need people like you to help us with our work for the Lord. May God richly bless you both.... MF (United Kingdom)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Staff,
In the recent issues of The Berean Call it seems that the "theme of the month" is deception, of false witness either within the church body, or that of those making entrance. Jesus warned of deception in the end times, even for the elect, the mature believer. Thank you again for your faithfulness in presenting the "wiles of the devil," so that your readers can be aware. May many take heed. PL (WA)

Dear Tom,

I first became acquainted with Dave Hunt and The Berean Call through his book Global Peace somewhere around 1990. I still remember the Bible bookstore saleslady's warning about the book being controversial and extreme. But having attended several different churches, and going through some very difficult and trying situations I was looking for answers to what in this crazy world is going on?

So, when my eyes lighted upon a similar phrase at the top of the back cover of Dave's book, I wondered if [it] might possibly be an answer to my prayer for information. After looking through the book, I was convinced that God was truly leading me, so much so that when the saleslady made her comment, I remember saying that I believed that the book was right on track. Since then I have read most of what you and Dave have published, have all your newsletters on disk, and have been downloading the PDF versions since you first began publishing them in color.

Recently reread your book Temporal Delusion and believe that this is one of the most urgent messages that professing Christendom needs to hear and understand. RA (CA)

Dear Friends...Dave, Tom, and all,

Please accept my thanks and gratitude for The Berean Call and your continued faithfulness and integrity as you address various issues. What a thrill to read the "Letters"--especially from prisoners whose lives are being changed. You are a blessing to me and so many, many others. LP (WA)

Dear Dave, T. A. & Staff,

What a blessing you dear servants have been [and are] to my wife and me these many years. Your many warnings and teaching the truth have added so much to our blessed assurance. May God restore you and bless you in good health. GC (OK)

Dear Tom and Staff,

Thank you for continuing the work of this great ministry. We were fortunate to happen upon The Seduction of Christianity when it was first released, and were greatly encouraged to know we had discerned correctly the perils, then and now, to the church of Jesus Christ. Well-intentioned people are now as they were then all too willing to forsake the "truth" part of worshipping "in Spirit and in Truth." AM (PA)

Dear Berean Folks,

Thank you for all you have blessed me with: the constant flow of in-depth knowledge of what's going on in our "religious" realm! I've attended just about every church in our fair city since coming out of the Catholic faith (35 years of that).

I've been a Christian for 35 years....It's just so sad that I've only just now found a very small Baptist church where the pastor preaches the full gospel (he gets your newsletter)....We've been listening to four of y'all's CDs about the different things going on in the churches! What eye-openers! Praise God for the truth of the Word! Now let us walk our talk! AH (TX)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

[I] praise you for challenging Keith Fournier [in the Catholic Debate series.] As a former Catholic, I can tell you that you were so right in all that you spoke. I cringed to hear Mr. Fournier use "tradition" and "history" in spite of the fact that it is only the Word that has the promise of inerrancy--not any other "man" or situation.

It was very painful to get through this, and I could detect Mr. Fournier's sarcasm and anger, albeit the anger was cloaked, but by the same token, I sensed your speaking the truth in love....I was raised in the Catholic Church in the Philippines, where animism was also brought in or allowed, and I studied at a convent school from kindergarten through high school, so I was steeped in Catholicism. Many American Catholics do not know what I learned (and have no idea what they know, really, or on what it is based)--and you were right on! There was no encouragement to study the Scriptures, priests are not taught "Bible Study" in any deep sense, and this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg....Keep speaking the truth! Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will convict hearts in the Catholic Church as He did mine! Thank you. GM (email)

Dear TBC,

[I came] out of the "Armstrong" cult, [and since then] Dave and all at The Berean Call have been my mentors and have blessed me greatly with godly, inspired teaching! So I thank God for the wonderful way He has used Dave in exegeting the Word of God. Though I cannot thank Dave in person now, it will be a joy to do so in heaven! NW (CO)

Dear Dave,

Once again we feel compelled to thank you for being a great inspiration to those of us who are working feverishly to get the gospel to non-Christians and to confront all of the many heresies and corruptions in our local churches, and to a broader audience through our blog. This keeps us occupied as we look continually for "the blessed hope," but of more importance is the support and sustenance we draw from you.

You have long been our favorite writer. The Berean Call newsletter is the best one of all (wish it was 10 times as large!), and we are very grateful to be able to post an article or two from it each month. We advertise The Berean Call and both of you, Dave and T. A., and send people to your website. The Lord will bless you both richly for your commitment to the eternal truths. You are in our prayers. D&CR (email)

Dear Staff,

A million thanks for your excellent publication and for your timely articles which are of eternal value. May we be about and doing our Father's business with godly fear because our God is a consuming fire.

My wife and I live in a continuing care facility in separate buildings due to physical and mental issues, but we have daily devotions and are praying for you and other ministries. DM (CA)