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McMahon, T.A.

Veni, Vidi, Video

It's a fact of life that the upcoming generation (ages 20 to mid-30s in particular) disdains reading (text messages excluded) in favor of visual presentations. That is potentially a huge problem, especially when it comes to encouraging young adults to read the Bible.

Those who have made Bible reading a practice throughout their lives know its fruitfulness and what a continual joy it is. For those who haven't had that experience, the task seems to be somewhere between intimidating and overwhelming. One of our goals at TBC is to help the latter get a taste of what the former experiences, and hopefully, encourage them to get into God's Word.

Along the line of fighting fire with fire, we plan to produce a host of very short videos that introduce all kinds of biblical content. Each two- to five-minute video will teach some aspect related to the Scriptures and all will be designed to motivate the viewers to search (read!) the Bible for themselves. Our hope and prayer is that we can use the visual medium to generate excitement about the written Word.

We are preparing a video-only website that will feature the short videos we plan to produce, as well as teaching clips from the longer videos that we offer. The Lord willing, the site, both in its sound scriptural content and encouragement, will be a "youtube-like" citadel of God's truth that will help develop individuals within the next generation to be like the Bereans.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director