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Someone might call me a contrarian because I am generally careful and skeptical, and sometimes I don’t agree with everything you say either, but this time I can only say thank you for the clear and classic distinguishing between Rome and the biblical gospel. Thank you for your bravery too. May the Lord protect you and BC.

I try to be charitable toward anyone professing Christ, as the Lord does not crush bruised reeds nor extinguish smoking flax, but my saying concerning Catholics has long been, “If any among them are saved, it is not because of Romanist doctrine but in spite of it.” But it is one thing to be tender and gracious and quite another thing to hide plain truth; we CANNOT join with Rome, and those who do are either still in spiritual and biblical darkness, or are apostates going back into darkness, or both. TS (email)

Dear T. A.,
I’m reminded of what Dave used to say about how we try to make the gospel acceptable to the world. That was my impression of [a church Christmas show I attended]. The quality of the music was excellent. The staging, lights, and effects were awesome. But of all the time we spent there, approximately two hours, I only heard the gospel presented for about six minutes. The light show and special effects and dancing dominated the night, and, finally, Jesus got to tell His story. The rest was glitter, glam, and just plain entertainment. JB (TX)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I want to say thank you for your critical discernment letter you did on The Harbinger. For many years I have been deeply bothered by Cahn and many other Rabbinical Jews, like Sid Roth, etc. I love the Jews...and I pray for them as I know what is coming. I see a bigger picture being played out here behind the scenes and that is the enemy has crept in and millions of Christians will be caught up by these lying men and will fall into apostasy and be carried away to Babylon (spiritual). Because of the love the Gentile Christian has for the Messianic Jew they have been tricked and blinded as they chose them over truth. The enemy is cunning in his use of these men and the Christians don’t see it. VG (South Africa)

Dear TBC,
Thank you for sending me...one of the most challenging books ever given to me by a ministry....Most ministries send only basic truths to us....I desire to be an apologist and to that end and with the Lord’s help...I will study to show myself approved...rightly dividing God’s Word....You have greatly helped me to be able to use logic and reason.... RW (AR, prisoner)

Mr. McMahon,
Thank you for the timely piece on Roman Catholicism. My husband was raised in the Catholic Church, but left it as a young adult. When we married, neither of us were Christians, but we decided to read the Bible. We both found many startling facts our cultish backgrounds had skipped over. (I was brought up in Christian Science). The verse which spoke loud and clear to him was 1 Timothy:2:5, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.…” That pretty well does away with praying to or through saints, and the so-called power of the Catholic priesthood.

The apostasy of the Church is discernible almost everywhere now. Local churches that used to be considered “good churches” are compromising absolute faithfulness to Scripture for (apparently) larger audiences.  What you wrote about the Catholic religion is true. But much more could also be said about the road that many mainline and evangelical churches are following. It is thrilling to be living in a time when we see the prophecy of God’s Word falling into place before our very eyes, but it is also discouraging when trying to find a church that preaches the Truth.

Thank you for staying true to God’s Word. SL (email)