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TBC Staff

Dear Dave and Tom,
I quit going to church when I was 13 until my wife dragged me back, kicking and screaming....I went faithfully for 10 or 12 years and I can honestly say I did not know who Christ was. I attended Bible studies by people who had studied all their lives and [I] learned nothing. I listened to empty sermons that made no sense whatsoever....No mention of repentance or what that means....I had to leave the church and get challenged by a repentant [sinner] to come to Christ. And one of the ministries he introduced me to was yours. Praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for people like yourselves, who stick by God’s Word and help [us] understand the all-sufficiency of Christ. BL (Canada)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Regarding “Snailer Mail” [1/07]...rejoice that so many folks eagerly await the newsletter! I think God arranged the “problem” to encourage you...: you are making a difference and people do care! And as this famine for the word of God increases and spreads, we believers will need to find other ways to nourish our spirit than to be spoon fed....Our Bibles could be taken tomorrow morning! And then what? Do we have enough Bible in our minds and hearts to be able to share with [others]? SS (CA)

Dear TBC,
I really appreciated Brother McMahon’s March article....Your writing about images and idolatry really hit home....The [use of] visual ways in trying to appease the senses in the fundamental ranks...is disturbing to me, because the Holy Spirit is not being utilized to convict men’s hearts, as the Lord said in John:16:8-11. We are to live by faith not by sight. BL (email)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
The recent articles [10/06 and 2/07] by Brother Tom are a much needed wake-up call to the Body of Christ. By God’s grace, I was led to reject 12-Step programs and other human potential, psychology-based programs. Brother Dave’s Occult Invasion helped me to reject these types of programs years ago....I look forward to sharing this information with those the Lord brings into my realm of influence....God’s revelation is that the Gospel is sufficient to deliver from any sin/addiction. It is not a recovery program. Recover what! A dead self? RH (prisoner, FL)

Dear TBC,
I am...dismayed that TBC has chosen to cover...Global Warming as if it were a religious issue. It is not. It is a political and environmental issue. I have since come to the conclusion that TBC’s stance on the findings of global warming are incorrect....While warning about grant money that may be leading to a conflict of interest on one side of the issue, TBC has ignored the oil and coal lobby’s money leading to a conflict of interest on the other side of the issue....Keep in mind that the money that we pay out to foreign oil through the oil companies...goes to supporting Islamic regimes such as Saudi Arabia, which aggressively funds the spread of Islam worldwide. Please stick to matters of biblical doctrine, it is very upsetting...to see TBC use its position of influence as a biblical ministry to promote a view that is of a particular special interest [and] nothing to do with biblical doctrine. AL (email)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I have been a believer in the Lord Jesus for 21 years...and your teaching ministry has been a large part in helping me grow in my understanding....I am a Jewish believer in Yeshua our Messiah...and I rejoice in your outspoken support for all Jews and Israel in the face of the ever-growing evil of anti-Semitism....There is a ‘biblical illiteracy’ that is rife throughout the UK and in Scotland, which was once known as the ‘land of the Bible,’ and ministries such as yours help people get back to the Scriptures. Thank you. DM (Scotland)