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McMahon, T.A.

Biblical Thoughtfulness

Our March article, which addressed images in worship as a form of idolatry, generated some widely diverse reactions. Here are two: A TBC reader made known what we had written to a pastor who had encouraged friends to witness an artistically adept painter creating an image that represented Jesus. The pastor reacted to the correction by repenting and making a public apology.

On the other end of the spectrum, a response came to me personally that what I had written made me appear as “the only authority on this planet when it comes to God’s Word and how it should be interpreted and/or delivered [and] that everyone else is wrong and only [I am] correct.”

I’m thankful for both responses: the pastor’s, because he came under conviction for something he had done without considering it from a biblical viewpoint, and then, after searching Scriptures, he corrected his action by repenting and asking the forgiveness of those he had influenced by his error. To me, that demonstrates a shepherd who loves Jesus and has taken to heart His words, “feed My sheep.” Lord, that I might have the grace to do likewise!

The other reaction reminded me of another grace that I need: that pride or what may be perceived as pride by others would not infect my writing. Please forgive me if I impressed anyone that way. I approached that article with fear and trembling.

The subject matter we address is often difficult, and we don’t always communicate our concerns in the best way possible. Nevertheless, one of our goals is to exhort our readers to think through biblically whatever influences their walk with, and worship of, the Lord. In that process, we want to be nothing more than signposts, truly pointing the way to Jesus and His Word, and our prayer is that our readers, listeners, and viewers would be like the Bereans, making sure that our “pointing” is truly to the Scriptures.

Pray for our thoughtfulness, both that we would have a kind regard for others in directing them to biblical truth, and that we would give all diligence and carefulness in the handling of and acting upon God’s Word.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director