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I could not agree more with writer Mark Dinsmore's article [4/09 TBC Extra— "Would Paul Answer the Call to Christian Patriotism?"]. If blame is to be laid at anyone's feet, it must start at our feet for failing to OBEY our Lord's command to share Christ with the lost. We disobey in this command....Perhaps if we had obeyed Him in this, America would be having a massive revival....We need to redeem the time....Woe unto us for being so disobedient and not loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. The atheist [magicians], Penn & Teller, have it pegged, "How much do you have to hate someone to not tell them about Christ and hell? Or maybe the problem is you really don't believe either." OUCH! GC (email)

Dear Dave Hunt & Staff,
I have just finished reading The Pilgrim Church—what an awesome and sobering book. It is amazing how throughout history the Lord has always preserved a remnant who are true to the Word, no matter what upheavals and changes in society raged around them. Thank you for making this important book available, and God bless you as you continue to carry on the work of edifying the remnant in the perilous times in which we live! MC (NH)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I have been listening to the Berean Call podcasts for some years now, and I want to thank you for the wonderful truths you have brought to my attention. You helped me during a time when I struggled with a brother [who] teaches that the church is going to go thru the great tribulation. Your podcast series teaches the biblical truth to the contrary, that "there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus." I listen to the podcasts on my way to and from work because I have a long commute. What a blessing you have been to me. TB (email)

Dear Berean Call,
I've been on this prison unit for over 12 years and I've seen countless ministries that seek to "enlighten" people, but yours is the only one I've seen that doesn't skirt cultural issues or false doctrines. You take on every issue in light of Scripture, which is the only way to discern the truth from a lie. Many here are deceived who call themselves believers. I make others aware of your ministry...who have a heart for the truth—that's  why you've seen quite a few requests for your magazine from this unit over the last two years. Keep up the good work in standing up for the gospel! MW (TX, prisoner)

Judgment Day is 1,000 years from now. The Catholic Church is not the woman riding the beast. Mary is not Ishtar or the Queen of Heaven. The final battle is not Allah against God. Everyone dies at Armageddon. Wake up, guys. HR (email)

Dear Dave Hunt and Staff,
Thanks for your faithfulness to God and to us, your readers. We are farm people, growing poultry for a major company in our area. We have had a trying year with injuries and so forth. Our growing time has been reduced, which reduces our pay. But when we look at the state of our nation and the liberal way that most people live, we are so thankful for our peace through Christ. Thanks again for all you do. EW (MS)

I have been reading your book Psychology and the Church and am more convinced than ever of your correctness in this matter. I have been to counselors re marriage breakdown, and they could not help me. They made me look at myself, and not to the Lord for answers. It was only through losing myself in the Bible and listening to sermons (at the time they were on forgiveness! What a coincidence!) that I came to the conclusion that it was my walk with God that counted, and I left all up to Him. He has restored my marriage....There are still things to work through, but I praise God and not worldly "Christian" counselors for this. Thank you for your diligence in informing us of these matters, and helping us to see that we can rely on God alone for everything! DO (Australia)

In this month's TBC, an article called "Would Paul Answer the Call to Christian Patriotism?" by Mark Dinsmore was added. Thank you for this. As a Canadian Christian, I had a hard time understanding the excessive clinging to of your nation's constitution and your "God given rights." Canadians love observing Americans; Most of our Canadian news is realistically American news, and most of our television programs are actually American programs. Most Christian material in Canada is in fact American....We get a lot of your nation's Christian Patriotism on our tables. When you mention Christianity to unsaved Canadians they instantly think "American politics." I fully agree with the article by Mr. Mark Dinsmore in every point. One of my most beloved brothers in Christ is in prison because he would rather stick to his constitutional rights than give to Caesar what is Caesar's and endure rough times for the Gospel's sake. God has given us his words in the Bible, and though the constitution of America is based on the bible, Americans need to keep in mind it is NOT the bible. I pray Mr. Dinsmore's article goes deep and wide across your great nation. LH (Canada)