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Brother Dave

I had been a missionary to college students in the US for 5 years, then switched to a multi-media ministry (Note: “Multi-media” back then meant the use of 9-12 slide projectors with a visual presentation synchronized to a sound track.). I was asked to spend 4 months in the UK and Ireland doing evangelistic presentations on campuses and to church youth groups. I ended up having a lot more “down time” than I expected and purchased Dave Hunt’s The Seduction of Christianity to combat some theological excesses I had noticed in the British Church. For example, John Wimber was big “across the pond” at that time, not to mention Paul Yonggi Cho. One month earlier, a colleague had mentioned Dave’s book as addressing these influences, along with several other important issues. As I read Seduction, I began to see how much I had been influenced by the Evangelical Church’s emphasis on “Christian” psychology and by one particular interpretation of the second greatest commandment: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt:22:39). I had been told by a Christian psychologist a few years earlier that I needed to love myself to be able to adequately love my neighbor as myself. That triggered a frenetic attempt to “look out for #1” in the name of loving my neighbor. My “self-love” search ended up cutting people out of my life who didn’t allow me to maximize that “love.” It also resulted in a ministry change in order to “love myself” more (i.e., make me look better). However, what I had turned into was a well-disguised egomaniac who refused to do anything that wasn’t “self” loving. Ironically, this search for significance took me to the UK and Ireland, where God had prearranged my meeting up with Dave Hunt—through his book. About two months into my 4-month stint “across the pond” I became convinced that I needed to repent of my “self” love and make myself available to be anything, do anything and go anywhere for the Lord. In addition to Seduction, I was spending 2-4 hours seeking God’s face in His Word and prayer on a daily basis. That “greenhouse” experience resulted in some major changes, including having my eyes opened to the woman I would marry one year later, to the part of the world in which I would serve the Lord as a missionary (’til today—Latin America) and the type of ministry where I would make my greatest contribution for the Kingdom to date—among college students. So Brother Dave Hunt has gone home, but his legacy lives on. I am so thankful that he decided to write that controversial book called The Seduction of Christianity, because I was one who had been seduced…and needed to wake up and repent! I am sure tens of thousands of others can say the same! I am where I am today thanks to Dave Hunt’s The Seduction of Christianity. Thanks for your courageous stand for truth, Dave!

My first meeting of Dave

I had heard messages from Dave Hunt many times before actually seeing him speak. He spoke with conviction and respect. Then he autographed his books for me. He was kind and glad to talk. I watched how people would debate with him during the breaks at the conference and he dealt with them patiently. He was an admirable and godly man, and we were blessed by him.

Peace to the Hunt Family

You see, there is this train moving full steam ahead picking up few willing passengers on the way to God’s eternal kingdom. Jesus Christ is the engineer and conductor of this train. It almost passed me by because of my own ignorance and foolishness. But Dave Hunt was there leaning on the back railing of the caboose with an outstretched arm yelling “Grab a hold boy, come aboard, this will be the best and most important ride of your life!” I did, and I haven’t looked back, nor will I. Peace to the Hunt family.

A memory of Dave

Dave Hunt and my father, C. Ernest Tatham, were great friends for many years. My stepmother told me about one incident when he was staying in their home while spending a few days in our area speaking at Palm Bible Chapel in North Palm Beach. She heard a little noise in the middle of the night so crept down the stairs in the darkness to take a peek. There was Dave Hunt standing in the dim light of the kitchen, washing the dishes left over from dinner.

The truth about Catholicism

Dave’s book A Woman Rides the Beast was the first Christian book I read and, as I was saved out of Catholicism, a blessing for me to read and learn the truth about the Church that had me in bondage for so long before God’s Grace was revealed to me. I learned a lot from the book that I could never have learned while I was in Catholicism, and I have used the information to talk to my Catholic family and friends. As with all of Dave’s books, I am always reading it over and over again without getting bored. God has used Dave to help people get closer to God, and although I did not get a chance to meet him, the books, DVDs and radio programs have let me realize what a remarkable man of God Dave was. My prayers are with Tom and that God will guide him in the ministering of The Berean Call, but also to Dave’s wife, Ruth, and her family that God’s Presence will be strongly felt by all.

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