Nature or Personal Creator? |

Hunt, Dave

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,... even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. Romans:1:20

Billions of people around the world watched the opening ceremony of the 1994 Winter Olympics and heard environmental concerns expressed in the speeches. Actors and actresses in exotic costumes played scores of traditional Norwegian nature spirits of different shapes and sizes emerging from under the snow. The TV announcers casually remarked that Norwegians don't build on a piece of land without the approval of the resident nature spirits. It was suggested that communing with such entities facilitates correct ecological decisions. Spiritism/paganism was presented favorably to billions of viewers!

Paganism blended with false Christianity (the religion of ancient Rome after it became "Christian" under the popes) will be the new world religion when the Roman Empire is revived worldwide under Antichrist. (See Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist and How Close Are We?) Of course, world political and religious unity, which must somehow include 1 billion Muslims, would be impossible without the sudden, terrifying disappearance of untold millions at the Rapture. That is not, however, to deny the importance of the apostasy and the ecumenical movement in laying the foundation for the worldwide merger of Christianity and paganism.

The twin threats of nuclear holocaust and ecological collapse will also play a vital role in uniting the world to fight for its very survival. More than 30 states have adopted laws requiring environmental issues to be taught in schools.

Underlying the environmental movement is the theory that mankind is the product of evolutionary forces inherent within the universe. The scientific humanists regard these forces as impersonal, while the classical pagan or New Ager views the world and cosmos as a living entity/goddess known as Mother Nature or Gaia. Now top scientists and religious leaders are holding high-level meetings to seek joint solutions to the restoration and preservation of planet earth.

In 1985 the first meeting of the "Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival" brought together spiritual and political leaders from five continents and the world's five major religions to plan ecological salvation and world peace. They jointly declared, "We are entering an era of global citizenship [and a] new consciousness [which] transcends all barriers of race and religion...assur[ing] welfare and peace." Watch out when mankind thinks it has achieved "peace and safety..." (1 Thes 5:3)!

That pact led to the 1988 five-day Global Forum conference at Oxford. Religious and political leaders from 52 countries (joined this time by leading scientists) met to "join all faiths with all political attitudes." In a joint "Final Statement," conferees declared, "We have [been] brought together by a common concern for global survival [realizing] the essential oneness of humanity...."

The  1990 Global Forum drew more than 1,000 participants from 83 countries. Held in Moscow, it was cohosted by the first freely elected Soviet parliament, all Soviet religious bodies, the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity. In his plenary address, Senator (now Vice-President) Al Gore, a Southern Baptist whose writings reflect his belief in the mother goddess, Gaia, declared that ecological problems could only be solved through a "new spirituality" common to all religions. (Gore's "new" ecumenical spirituality is revived paganism.) The "Moscow Declaration" signed by participants called for "a global council of spiritual leaders" and the "creation of an interfaith prayer...a new communion with Nature...."

This growing pagan spirituality with its worship of creation instead of the Creator (Rom:1:21-23) is ideal for joining science and all non-Christian religions. For example, conferences of the Dallas-based Isthmus Institute draw top scientists and religious leaders to discuss "science and spirituality." Usually held at a University of Texas campus, typical conferences include discussions on the "spiritual" aspects of ecology and Gaia. Their meaning of "spiritual" is clearly pagan/pantheistic and not biblical.

Pagan Carl Sagan, worshiper of the cosmos, told the Moscow Global Forum that Earth should be regarded as "sacred" to encourage treating it with "care and respect"—not because God made it, but because it (Gaia) made us. Sagan, who rejects the biblical God, says we should "revere the Sun and stars." This scientific neopantheism is called ecotheology. Another advocate, Professor Victor Ferkiss, says its basic premise is that "the Universe is God."

Atheist Mikhail Gorbachev is now more influential internationally than ever. His richly endowed Gorbachev Foundation USA has its offices in the Presidio (former U.S. military base) overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. A consultant on closing other U.S. military bases, Gorbachev is president of the newly formed ecological watchdog, Green Cross International, a Global Forum offspring headquartered at the Hague. He says its main purpose is "to bring nations stimulate the new environmental consciousness ...returning man to a sense of being a part of Nature."

To require man to act as if he's "part of Nature" is an admission that he is not. Nature's creatures need no such urging. Gorbachev has said that "conflict with nature is fundamental to our technologies." Yet conflict with nature is impossible to natural creatures. Radios, TV, cars, planes, computers, operas and art are not natural; nor are ambulances, doctors, hospitals and compassion.

If evolutionists believe their theory, then they should shut down all medical facilities and let the weak die naturally. Medically prolonging lives allows such persons to pass on their defects to subsequent generations. If evolution (the only view allowed in public schools) is true, then we must stop trying to find a cure for AIDS, stop treating those with the HIV virus and let them die. Since AIDS is largely a homosexual disease, it must be nature's way of wiping out those who practice what is undeniably unnatural sex. According to nature's "survival of the fittest" approach, the sooner those with deficiencies die, the better for our species!

If stopping all assistance to the ill so that only the "fittest survive" sounds harsh, blame nature. That's her way. There is nothing more natural than disease, pain, death, and those calamities known as "natural disasters" (hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning, drought, and famine, to name a few). Gaia or "Mother Nature" is anything but kind. The evolutionist's attempt to have it both ways—denying a personal Creator yet insisting upon morals and compassion which can't come from nature—betrays the lie that is taught as fact in public schools.

Animals have no concern to help their fellows, even in the face of death. If we were a natural product of evolution, then we would accept death as a natural process. After the lion has dragged down its victim, the herd pauses in its flight and grazes while the lion eats its prey nearby. In contrast, man mourns the death of his fellows (Gen:21:16; 23:2; 1 Kgs 3:29)—and feels an inner anger against death itself. Man realizes that death is not the way things ought to be, but an enemy which has invaded our lives. Only Christ destroys death (1 Cor:15:51-57; Heb:2:14-15) against which science and religion have no real hope (1 Thes:4:13).

If evolution were true and Al Gore's tree-hugging made sense, then whatever man did, from muggings to murder to war, would be a natural act. Police, courts, prisons and criminal accusations would have to be eliminated. Animals, the wind and sea, gravity and lightning act neither morally nor immorally, but naturally—and the same would be true of man. If it is not wrong (nature has no morals) for a volcano to spew forth poisonous gases, then neither is it wrong for man-made factories or aerosols to do the same. Nor can there be any complaint if Oregon loggers wipe out the spotted owl or whalers exterminate their prey. By destroying creatures standing in his way, man, as the ultimate predator, would only be fulfilling his evolutionary purpose as the "fittest" species which is able to "survive" at the expense of all others.

Honest logic discredits the evolutionary theory behind much of the environmental movement. No impersonal, natural force could design and produce a single cell, much less the brain. Only the God of the Bible could have brought moral man into existence. Thus the solution to man's problems is not in living harmoniously with nature, as we are being told, but in being reconciled to the God who made him (2 Cor:5:18-20; Col:1:21) and in submission to His will. That truth is compromised by evangelicals who join an environmental movement run by pagan worshipers of Gaia and evolution promoters!

In 1991 Evangelicals for Social Action (Ron Sider, executive director) helped organize a gathering of scientists and religious leaders to discuss rescuing the environment. Evangelical participants, including World Vision's president, Robert Seiple, and Asbury Theological Seminary's president, David McKenna, were enthusiastic about joining a pagan movement. In May, 1992, leading evangelicals again joined a coalition of science and religion sponsored by the Joint Appeal by Religion and Science for the Environment.

Joint Appeal is based at New York's godless Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, a bastion of New Age/ecumenical/antichrist deception. Its blasphemous dean, James Parks Morton, declares that "the body of Christ is the earth...." Out of the May, 1992, meeting came an environmental consortium of the U.S. Catholic Conference, the National Council of Churches, the Evangelical Environmental Network, and the Consultation of Jewish Life and the Environment.

Founded in 1993 by Vice-President Gore, the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, also based at St. John the Divine, has distributed tens of thousands of packets containing ecologically oriented prayers, sermon ideas and Sunday-school lessons to Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and evangelical congregations across the country. Its director is convinced that the ecocrisis will transform "what it will mean to be religious in the 21st century." Beside World Vision, other evangelical organizations involved include InterVarsity and the National Association of Evangelicals.

Thomas Perry, a Catholic priest, says the ecocrisis calls for "a new sense of what it means to be human [and] a new story of how things came to be" (a revised Genesis). Emphasis must shift from a possible heaven to caring for Earth, and ethics and morals must involve the rights of the natural world. Larry Rasmussen, Union Theological Seminary professor, calls for a "bio-spiritual faith" in which man is a part of the natural order of things "with no special claim on its resources and no special claim on God's love."

Such pagan folly is gaining an increasing following among evangelicals, who now claim that Christ's command to preach the gospel includes rescuing the environment. Such is the message of a course titled "Environmental Stewardship: A Biblical Perspective" taught at Youth With A Mission's University of the Nations at their headquarters in Hawaii. Thus Christians enter compromising partnerships with the ungodly and expend their time and efforts on caring for a temporal earth instead of preparing souls for eternity.

Yes, we ought to be prudent caretakers of the environment God has entrusted to us. Even so, many of the warnings about population explosion and holes in the ozone layer, etc. are alarmist exaggerations aimed at promoting humanist solutions. Some of the theories are highly questionable. As late as 1977, the U.S. Academy of Science warned of a coming new ice age. Now we're being warned of global warming. Moreover, most of the problems are due to the corruption of godless governments which Christ never called us to reform.

This old creation is under God's judgment and will not be rescued from it, but is "held in store" (i.e., reserved) for destruction by fire (2 Pt 3:7-12). Everything will be destroyed and God will make a "new heavens and new earth" (v 13). We must live for that eternal state and warn mankind that only those saved by the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross will inhabit His new, perfect universe. TBC