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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Call,
We just read yet another request from a Berean Call reader in your latest issue to cancel their subscription...this one citing that your publication doesn't really show that you are planted firmly on the foundation of the whole truth....Are they sure they are reading The Berean Call? Unbelievable! Also...please DOUBLE our subscription...in an attempt to avoid fighting within our household as to who gets to read the latest issue first! Thank you...for your stance on the truth,...so very hard to find these days. We pray your firmly planted feet never fail you. (Just kidding about the double subscription.) K & ME (CA)

Dear TBC,
Isn't reading the Bible through the most wonderful blessing? When I was 13, I heard a minister at a church camp tell how he and his wife were starting to read the Bible through for the 40th time together. Being a lover of reading, that just lit my fire. I am now 57. No, I have not been a consistent once-a-year reader; sometimes it's 1 1/2 years, give or take some months. But I will never forget the delight at finding verses...that I had been hearing in sermons....I am far from the godly person I wish I was, but I'm also convinced that the Word of God helped keep me from pitfalls I could have easily fallen into while growing up. I am humbly grateful to God for keeping His hand on my life and giving me a desire to read His Word and a growing love for it. JB (CA)

Dear Berean Staff:
Greetings in the sweetest name that the mortal tongue can confess: Jesus Christ! I borrowed a copy of the June 2007 issue and was thoroughly impressed! "Love, Justice, and Judgment" do go together. There is no justice without judgment and no love without justice. It took me a few moments for this truth to permeate my spirit but when it did I was overjoyed....I am part of the justice and judgment aspects of your excerpt. The world has upheld justice and judgment, hence my incarceration. I had a choice whether or not to accept love from God through this experience so I never have to trespass justice and judgment again....[Y]our message was like fresh water to my starved soul. JL (prisoner, PA)

[A listener wrote to one of the networks that carries Search the Scriptures Daily]:
Please note how much I respect and admire your programming. However, there is one program that is a jarring note in the midst of this holy concert, The Berean Call. For years I have tried to be tolerant...to just have an alternate opinion, etc., but I have reached the end of that road. I respect and admire the Biblical knowledge that these men have [but] what they do with this gift is to bash everything--mainly in the Christian realm....They have had several programs for the stated purpose of condemning Christian psychology, likening it to the occult....They criticize, criticize, criticize. They have a sneering, whining attitude and tone, seemingly about anyone...that is not connected to them....There is not a shred of uplifting quality or comfort in anything they say....I am offended by their militancy. (Name withheld)

Dear Dave,
Thank you for the timely message you printed from William MacDonald called "Revive Us, O Lord." God used you to draw me back to Him as He exposed pride in my walk with Him. He gave me the power to go forward before our congregation and confess my sin of pride and thank Him for the victory that His shed blood has provided and to make real Galatians:2:20 and 1 John:1:7 in my life. KG (email)

In the '60s I grew up in a Bible church that taught the pre-trib rapture viewpoint. All those years I never questioned it until a few years ago when I decided to explore other viewpoints (post-trib). I needed to know WHY there was so much controversy. Nothing was convincing, one way or the other, until I read How Close Are We? [now titled When Will Jesus Come?] Thank you, thank you! Your logic and compelling analysis of scripture have been a wonderful blessing. Now I'm reading Sanctuary of the Chosen. God bless you and your ministry. (email)

Dear Dave & Tom,
I'm glad to hear both of you via your podcast service and pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry. I had the privilege of meeting you, Dave, when you were in South Africa....I wish you and Tom could come and visit again, our country needs much correction and a return to the Word of God. We've seen a major decline here in the last ten years....Thank you again for the valuable work you both do. God bless. MV (South Africa)