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McMahon, T.A.

Battlefield Support

The Apostle Paul was a soldier/commander for Christ. His choice of words and his actions described in his Epistles reflect that admirable characteristic. He exhorted the young pastor Timothy to "fight the good fight of faith," which Paul himself fought successfully (1 Timothy:6:12; 2 Timothy:4:7), and to "endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" (2 Timothy:2:3).

As the fight rages over truth in these days before the Lord's return, I see a few "soldiers of the faith" enduring battle wounds and weariness as they strive to uphold the banner of God's Word. One such soldier is Roger Oakland. We featured his vital and critical evaluation of The Emerging Church Movement, Faith Undone, in our September '07 newsletter. Since then, Roger has undergone a barrage of attacks from those who take issue with his book.

I've known Roger for more than 20 years, watching his doctrine, integrity, way of life (including the hardships), and his striving to be that "good soldier" in the service of our Lord. I greatly admire Roger. Pray for him and encourage him if you have the opportunity. Do the same for other servant-soldiers whom you know. Pray also that God will raise up more like-minded soldiers to "fight the good fight of faith."