Nuggets from Occult Invasion |

Dave Hunt

Promise 5 is a pledge for men to go back and support their church. That pledge was publicly renewed by the million men who gathered in Washington, DC October 4, 1997. There are serious errors in many Protestant churches. Some are apostate and involved in occult practices. The Roman Catholic Church has been in apostasy and occultism (communication with the dead, fetishes and magic rituals, etc.) for 1500 years, and many Catholics attend the stadium events. Yet PK literally calls upon men to support whatever church they may come from, no matter how heretical or occult it may be. That Catholics are told to go back and to support their church puts PK solidly in support of Roman Catholicism and all it stands for. Al Dager writes:

“I can see the ‘Jesus’ of Promise Keepers. There he is, standing on the mountainside, exhorting his listeners: ‘I want you all to go back to your homes, your synagogues, your pagan temples, and don’t forget Pilate’s Praetorium! I want you to take leadership roles in all those arenas and proclaim to your hearers that you are men of integrity who have learned how to be sensitive and in touch with your feelings! But be careful not to judge others on what they believe.”