Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Some Earnest Concerns |

Dave Hunt

Our desire is not to be critical but to earnestly fact the facts and the dangers. Whether one believes that revival is biblical or not, and whatever one’s definition, surely one’s desire is that through revival God would be exalted, Christ would be made known as He truly is, and His Word obeyed. What if that should not be the case? What if we had a revival of false teachings? Is that not a legitimate concern? Forty years ago, before the apostasy had reached its present proportions, A. W. Tozer warned:

“Wherever Christians meet these days one word is sure to be heard constantly repeated; that word is revival. In sermon, song and prayer we are forever reminding the Lord and each other that what we must have to solve all our spiritual problems is a “mighty, old-time revival….” So strongly is the breeze blowing for revival that scarcely anyone appears to have the discernment or the courage to turn around and lean into the wind, even though the truth may easily lie in that direction…. It is my considered opinion that under the present circumstances we do not want revival at all. A widespread revival of the kind of Christianity we know today in America might prove to be a moral tragedy from which we would not recover in a hundred years.”