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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,

The thought of not receiving the TBC newsletter every month would be like switching off the light in a very dark room. OE (South Africa)


Please remove me from your mailing list....Your blatant repudiation of the Reformed faith is over the line. It is one thing to disrespectfully disagree, quite another to cast unfounded aspersions on the faith of historic Christianity—the founders of all that is Protestant, the faith of the Puritans, the vast majority of the great missionaries of the first and truest Great Awakening. More importantly, the faith which seeks to be true to the Scripture it so faithfully upholds and proclaims. SS (TX)


The existence of this ministry has blessed me beyond belief for nearly 20 years! When I feel beat up by the world and those choosing “another gospel,” the materials/teachings you provide help me to refocus on our Wonderful Counselor and regain His strength and love and grace and truth to pass on to others. DY (FL)

Dear Dave & Staff,

An aspect of your monthly newsletter that I have greatly appreciated is the literature you sell. Most likely you have other readers who find little time for reading. Many of the books you offer are more like “reference books.”…I just read Emma and Andrew. As a wife and mother, it served as a good reminder of the part in shaping my family I can have. JE (CA)

Dear TBC,

      Thank you for such a well-written article (September ’03). It’s unbelievable to me that the Christian church is being deceived into accepting this lifestyle, and pastors are fearful to preach the truth of God’s Word concerning [homosexuality]. BW (AR)


      During times of severe conflict and personal accusations is when a person [either] resorts to similar defense or represents our Lord and His character. Your past history is one that gives credit to the latter, and I commend you. LW (OR)

Dear Berean Staff,

      Ever since I was saved you have kept me from weird encounters. There was [always] a confirmation in your paper regarding what I felt in my heart. AA (MN)

To The Berean Call,

      Thank you, and may God continue to bless the ministry of TBC in these last days. In the late ’30s, my father received a Polish Bible….[He] couldn’t stop reading the Holy Scriptures. We were told that [if we] read the Bible, we could lose our minds. Then we read that the Bible encourages us to read, and tells us how to find eternal life in Christ. My father was surprised that the Bible spoke of images that cannot speak or move and were made by man’s hands—the same images we prayed to and worshiped. We thank God for the Bible that tells us salvation is in a Person (Christ), not in a religion. EJ (SC)

Dear Dave,

Even though I went to seminary, I have only recently studied the issues related to Calvinism. I am halfway through your book, What Love Is This? and find it very helpful….How the free will of man and the sovereignty of God fit together is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I see the huge problems with the Calvinist position. I want to be a biblical Christian, not a Calvinist or Lutheran or Wesleyan or Arminian or MacArthurite or Huntite or any other kind of “ite” or “ist,” following a man or human system of theology. Thanks for your commitment to do the same and to test everything by Scripture. TM (IN)

Dear David,

      I have just finished reading your excellent book [What Love Is This?]….I [was in] a Reformed church. There I happily embraced Calvinistic teachings some 37 years ago. There have always been aspects of Calvinism that have troubled me, and having read your book, I can now understand why. Calvinism seems to be the in-vogue doctrine….As I read your book, it reminded me of a book written by Thomas Kuhn…entitled The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (University of Chicago Press London). It may seem irrelevant, but Kuhn puts forth a theory about beliefs and he calls these a paradigm. The belief, he shows, will be universally held and will have been introduced by an eminent scientist, theologian, etc. Most…will believe the paradigm, even when the evidence points against it—arguing that it is their lack of understanding which is at fault, and not the theory. The paradigm will continue until a watershed occurs and another paradigm takes its place. It seems to me that this may be what will happen here. MW (UK)