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McMahon, T.A.

How’s Your Bible Study Going?

Hopefully, you are attending a Bible Study and growing in the Lord. The concern is raised because we’re receiving more and more letters from our readers bemoaning the fact that they can’t find fellowship in the Lord. Most churches in their area have capitulated to various unbiblical trends or outright heresies. Their less-than-viable alternative is to stay at home, a solution that deprives them of the fellowship with believers to which the Scriptures exhort us (Heb:10:25).

We encourage one and all to keep looking for a doctrinally solid, Bible-teaching church. In the meantime, make studying the Scriptures and praying with others your priority. If you can’t find a Bible study, start one. You’ll be blessed - in addition to being a blessing to others.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director