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Dear Tom,
Thank you...for your diligence and steadfastness in sharing the Word with me. I am 85 years old and have known Jesus most of my life. Many times you and Dave have kept me on the “straight and narrow.”

How I long for the sound of the trumpet to catch me away. How much closer we are than when Dave wrote the article “Revival or Apostasy?” (republished 4/15)! DP (MN)

Dear Friends,
To give you…a picture of how helpful your reviews are to lay people like myself: My situation is that I have a severe form of PTSD [and many struggles]. Most recently, my son committed suicide. With all this going on in my life, I am not thinking as clearly as I’d like…I’m just clinging to the Lord, moment by moment, and trying to make it through each day. I am trying to find the resources I need [and,] at first glance, Celebrate Recovery looked like an excellent resource and support—after all, it’s at a church! Thank God that it must have been the Holy Spirit waving a red flag to tell me there is something amiss at CR and that I should research it. That’s how I found your article. I hope this gives you a “real life” perspective of how your article helped me. Anon (email)

Thank you so much for [publishing] the excellent and well-written book [Biblical Guide to the Shemitah by David James]! I do hope that Dr. Reagan will read it and seek to understand it. Thank you for keeping us from veering off biblical truth due to a lot of other loud voices. I needed that! KR (Australia)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Your September article rings very true to my husband and me. We have visited many churches over the past few years. Some were fine for a time and then began to slip. Some were bad from the first and only visit. Others had fairly good messages, but the music was unbearable. It’s hard to imagine screaming and gyrating praise to our Lord in heaven when we can’t stand it here! So, we have come together with a dozen other like-minded Christians and have a home church. We meet faithfully, study the Word deeply, care for one another in prayer and deed, and wonder when we will be discovered. It fulfills the need for fellowship but goes far beyond that. We are learning more about Jesus Christ and His Word than ever before. We have a clearer understanding of what it means to be the church—in the warmth of a living room. Anon (email)

To the Berean Call family,
I’ve always looked forward to receiving the Berean Call each month with much anticipation. This country is in dire need of such a publication. It is so sad to see so many people turning their backs on God. There is so much wrong teaching [and] many false religions that are leading people astray.

It seems that Christians are becoming the “enemy,” but Jesus said that we can expect it to happen. I pray daily for the lost ones, for those who follow after other gods, and for those who stray.

I am 92 years and my husband will soon be 97, so we have no idea how long before we move into our new heavenly abode. Our dear Savior and Lord is always faithful, we are thankful for all He has given us from His bounty, and are most grateful for His grace towards us. BB (CA)