Question: What is your problem with women? |

TBC Staff

Question: You seem to have an issue with women. Rarely have I found in your newsletter articles either discussing or extolling our virtues, and now you mention four highly influential women in service to our Lord with no evidence of their “heresies.” I’m terribly disappointed.

Response: You are correct that I have an “issue” with women. My issue, however, is the same as I have with men. I want them both to know and love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to live their lives according to God’s Word. Additionally, I’ve been married to a woman for fifty years who excels far beyond me in numerous categories, which, by the way, gives me great joy to point out, and which I do often because I’m so proud of her (not failing to mention that she’s been my best friend for more than half a century).

You brought to my attention the fact that Dave and I rarely addressed women in our writings. Looking back, I realized that less than a handful of ladies were cited in The Seduction of Christianity and only a few (e.g., Agnes Sanford, Marilyn Ferguson, and Rita Bennett) were dealt with at length. That may have been because few women were as influential in Christendom then as they are today. Furthermore, most people are not happy to be mentioned in our writings.

Our calling here at TBC is to be watchmen (see Ezekiel chapters 3 and 33) and to encourage our readers to compare what they are being taught with the Scriptures in order to judge its truthfulness. Christendom has many good teachers and many false teachers, both men and women. Although we name some of the false teachers, we cite them mainly as examples of the false doctrines that seem to abound today. We don’t try to major on the individuals because unbiblical doctrine can show up anywhere, anytime, and from anyone. Encouraging men and women to grow in discernment is one of our main objectives.

Even so, I could give you an extensive list of women writers and researchers whose work has contributed a great deal to The Berean Call and others, and to the cause of biblical discernment. Here are just a few: Carol Matrisciana, Jewel Grewe, Deidre Bobgan, Sarah Leslie, Deborah Dombroski, Gaylene Goodroad, Berit Kjos, and Opel Reddin.