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TBC Staff

Humanism denies absolute truth and biblical values. Thus, there is no right or wrong. Students are to accept relative answers based on personal needs. Public school literature now teaches children to become better citizens in a new world order. Country, family, and God are no longer goals to be achieved, but instead they are seen as causes for bigotry, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and intolerance. The humanist teaches our children new thought patterns that meet the goals of the emerging elitist class who will equip society for global governance.

During the past one hundred years, humanism has grown bolder in its attack against the founding fathers of our nation. In the field of public education more schools have closed their doors to the Bible. In many instances, teachers are prohibited from encouraging students to follow the teaching of Christ. Ironically, it is easier to teach the Koran, the writings of Buddha, or Yoga than Christianity. Fewer teachers are familiar with the exhortations of the men who established our nation; and as a result, relativism has inflicted great harm to a once great nation, as well as to a once vibrant Christian evangelical movement.

—Paul Smith, in The New Evangelicalism: The New World Order