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TBC Staff

Dear TA and Staff,

We were first introduced to Dave at a “radio rally” in 1993 and have received your monthly newsletters since 1998. The ministry has helped us and many around us to “stay the course.” Your books and newsletters have positively armed our children and those we are blessed to disciple.

May the Lord continue to bless, guide, and protect the families represented by The Berean Call. CL (MO)

Warm Greetings [Excerpt],

I just finished reading the January 2017 edition of The Berean Call newsletter and have been very much touched and blessed by the main article, the questions and answers, and letters that relate to the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God in all matters. We indeed have an amazing God.

This brings me to say a very heartfelt “Thank You” first to Him and to you folks for faithfully holding and proclaiming the Word of God and standing against the many subtle errors propagated by man and devil. The arrival of The Berean Call each month is always a reminder to seek and love the truth. This is of particular meaning to me. As an engineer, I am required to deal with and live in the real world in technical and scientific truth, and as a man, in the truth of God’s Word. Please continue to hold fast to the Lord Jesus Christ. CT (ND)


Please remove me from your mailing list. Over the years of receiving your publication, the writings and your books spend more time criticizing others for their beliefs. If you spent half the time in your ministry focusing on yourself as you do focusing on others, you might do well. Come out of Babylon and examine yourselves for a change, because your interpretation falls very much inline to the many errors that Babylon represents.

Spend more time examining your own fallacies and then we can talk. Work out your own salvation and stop criticizing those who at least are actually focusing on themselves. Your ministry is muddied water and hypocritical and it saddens the heart of our Savior. RS (TX Prisoner)

Dear Berean Call

I just had to write a response to your main article about Hebrew roots. My husband and I are both of Jewish extract, both parents Jewish. What we see in Hebrew roots is about as far from Judaism as the east is from the west. It saddens me to see many Gentile believers embrace Hebrew roots, dressing like “frum” Orthodox Jews. I just cannot understand why any of them would want to go back to these Old Testament and Rabbinic traditions when we have everything we need in Jesus. Is it to sell books? Is it to draw people?

As a Jew, I find it an apostasy when I go into a place and Hebrew is written incorrectly, when “Things Jewish” are misrepresented and, the pronunciation is wrong. I just had to say bravo! Thank you for writing part one, and I eagerly look forward to reading part two. God bless you and keep up the great work in Messiah Jesus. BS (TX)