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Spurgeon, Charles

[God] makes no promise to cowardice. If you allow the fear of man to rule you, and wish to save self from suffering or ridicule, you will find small comfort in the promise of God. “He that saveth his life shall lose it.” The promises of the Holy Spirit to us in our warfare are to those who quit themselves like men, and by faith are made brave in the hour of conflict....

Brethren, if you trim a little, if you try to save a little of your repute with the men of the apostasy, it will go ill with you. He that is ashamed of Christ and His Word in this evil generation shall find that Christ is ashamed of him at the last.

Remember, that the Holy Ghost will never set His seal to falsehood. Never! If what you preach is not the truth, God will not own it. See ye well to this....The Holy Ghost sends no one into the harvest to sleep among the sheaves, but to bear the burden and heat of the day...the Spirit will be with the strength of labourers, but He will not be the friend of loiterers.

But now, brethren...believing this, we accept the obligation to preach everything which we see to be in the Word of God, as far as we see it. We shall not wilfully leave out any portion of the whole revelation of God, but we long to be able to say at the last, “We have not shunned to declare unto you the whole counsel of God.” What mischief may come of leaving out any portion of the truth, or putting in an alien element!

C.H. Spurgeon, “Final Manifesto,” The Greatest Fight in the World, pp 60-62