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McMahon, T.A.

Fall Back to the Bible

Typically, autumn is the season in which we go back to an endeavor we took time away from during the summer. Since that’s the time our children go back to school, we too are often motivated along educational lines. Our encouragement is that you put such an inclination to work by joining a solid Bible study.

Many Bible studies, for example, get going again after a summer hiatus. If you’re not currently involved in one, seek one out. But make sure that it’s a real, verse-by-verse, Scripture-interprets-Scripture Bible study. As a sign of the times, perhaps, we’re seeing Bible studies deteriorate into social gatherings, popular Christian book studies, “Purpose-Driven” programs, and a quagmire of feelings-oriented interpretations. If you can’t find a good study, start your own with a few like-minded believers.

As we draw near to the return of Christ, the only safeguard against our being led away from sound doctrine and seduced by the growing apostasy is to abide in the Word of God.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director