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TBC Staff

Hi there,
I’m sitting here watching your [video] Israel, Islam & Armageddon. I just wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about Catholicism, false teachers in Christianity, and the truth about Islam. God bless you for preaching such truth. So many are afraid to teach this. Keep up the great work. TC (WA)

Dear Berean Call,
When I first got saved I got involved in the “name-it-and-claim-it, everybody-gets-healed, signs-and-wonders” movement. I was heavily chastised for not having faith when I got sick and needed several surgeries. I heard outrageous things come out of “Christian” mouths! I started seeking the Lord and He delivered me from all the error, but I saw it ruin many lives and cause many to turn from Jesus. Thank God I never turned away. Thank you for your book, The Seduction of Christianity. I’ve bought several copies and given them to members of my family who are involved in this occult error. CR (TN)

Dear TBC,
We have never attended a church that has taught us, warned us, informed us, as this ministry has! Praise God for His leading to find your ministry. We have been sharing these resources with our friends and are so grateful for God’s care to bring us these timely and valuable ministry tools. It was when we finally left our...church due to Spiritual Formation and Purpose Driven agendas that would not be abandoned by the church leaders regardless of our many years of attempts to expose and reform...that we heard of Dave Hunt’s name for the first time in all our Christian lives. Our pastor accused Dave Hunt of being a legalistic fundamentalist who assumes the role of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives. We left that day, wondering who Dave Hunt was and why we were put in the same camp as him. After an internet search, we soon discovered the joy of like-mindedness for the first time since our salvation in Jesus. ([My husband] is a scientist and I’m a homemaker....We are not new Christians, just weary but now rejoicing ones!)....Many children of God are at this time leaving large denominations by the droves, due to an apostasy that is appearing to be out of control, not knowing where to go to church! We know God is in full control, however, and look forward to His return for us. We are thankful to know we don’t have to cry with the Elijah syndrome any longer. T&BW (WA)

Dear Dave,
I read an article about your belief that yoga opens people to demonic influence. I have now become painfully aware of that through firsthand experience. I have returned to Christianity but I am desperate for help with regaining my body and life back. (email)

Dear TBC,
I just finished Judgment Day, and all I can say is Wow! I have not wasted these past 10 years, and although I read a lot, there was plenty in this book I’d never heard of....This growing anti-Semitism is a concern to me as I think about what my children will have to endure. It seems like the church as a whole has either embraced anti-Semitism or replacement theology, which I’m sure will turn to anti-Semitism sooner or later....I have a good chance of being free next year and I wonder, “How many churches out there still preach God’s Word and are not polluted by the above two?” At one time we had sound preachers and teachers who came in here, but not any more. I seldom go to chapel these days, it’s so bad. Dave may well be right—we are at the door of that Day. RS (prisoner, FL)

Dear Mr Hunt,
I heard about your ministry two years ago in Calgary, Alberta, when I attended the Last Days Bible Conference there. T.A. McMahon was one of the guest speakers. You say things in print that I am thinking! I appreciate your solid stand for God’s Word, and for truth. Thank you and keep going till Jesus returns! PP (Canada)

Dear Dave,
My message could take up pages, so here is the short version....I just read The Cult Explosion. I was into a number of cults in my life...where I used the names of the deities for meditating that you wrote of. I believe that everything you wrote about cults is true. And just from reading your book, I feel much closer to Jesus than ever before. SY (email)

I really enjoyed [your article] “Love, Justice, and Judgment” (6/07). I am surprised when I meet people who say they are Christians [but who] can’t understand... why bad things are happening....I believe we are living in such blessed times....Life is easy (we have internet, automobiles, we can fly, abundance of food, money, knowledge, etc.)....The more the Lord blesses us the more we rebel against Him. The more abundant His blessings, the more we don’t need Him. We forget to thank Him. We forget that these are His blessings—even to the unjust. God’s judgment is imperative because if He doesn’t [judge], there will be millions of lost souls who won’t ever know Him. He blesses us with His love but we...live in our own ways....He has to judge because His blessings (love) have made us believe that we don’t need Him. RT (CO)