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Dear TBC Staff,
Greetings! Grace, peace, and mercy from God our Father and Christ Jesus the Lord. I wanted to express my appreciation for the book donation. I absolutely devour the monthly newsletters. Once I’ve read those I pass them around to other professing believers and then to others who may or may not be believers. So we get a lot of mileage out of your works. The same will be true of these most appreciated books. My prayer is that you, individually and corporately, will be blessed, as we are, through your gift of kindness. RW (TX, prisoner)

I think in two years, the Harbinger book will be widely regarded as a wonderful work equal to Hal Lindsey’s Late, Great Planet Earth and Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’s “Left Behind” series. The Berean Call may still be around, but will never recover from the fact it let McMahon publish his attack piece. Proverbs:16:18: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” RT (email)
I really appreciate your writing on the anti-Christian doctrines of Roman Catholicism. While some RCs may be Christian, the Church teachings are anything but Christian. This is perhaps the greatest mission field within our nation.

I am concerned that you have chosen instead to attack Bible-believing Christians who have a different non-essential biblical view than you hold. Since Christians can differ on non-essentials, then where is the love for your brethren? SF (IN)

Dear Tom,
I very much appreciated your article [posted on] the Bible Prophecy Blog regarding The Harbinger. I had pre-warned the interviewer at Prophecy in the News regarding Jonathan Cahn’s claims…and was so disappointed in how he was presented as if God had chosen him to bring this “warning” to America. I agree that America needed repentance for many years prior to 9/11, but I believe [this book] was a poor way to go about it—creating more harm than good—but we were warned that the “last days” would be like this. Mr. Cahn’s assertions are definitely not “from God.” Instead Mr. Cahn has led some astray regarding the truths in God’s Word….Thank you, along with Dave James, for presenting the truth of the scriptures. Many Christians and nonbelievers needed to hear the truth. God bless you for your faithful stand. EL (email)
Dear Dave and all,
Thank you for Countdown to the Second Coming, which I recently purchased from you. I think I am beginning to get the coming events straightened out in my mind. I appreciated a short book to tell it….I pray for your ministry with a grateful heart for the truth that has come to me. I’m one of the Catholics who found her way out. When that happened I was guided by J. Vernon McGee on radio. No matter what book he was talking about, the same truths kept popping up and I was able to see what Jesus and salvation were about. CR (WA)
Dear Berean Call Brethren,
Thank you all so much for all your hard work done for the Lord Jesus and for His lambs. He said to “feed my lambs” and you are certainly doing that. Not to mention instructing, correcting, and warning, for which I praise our God and Saviour for His goodness, mercy, and kindness. The newsletter is wonderful and so encouraging. I enjoy many hours of fellowship with Dave and Tom through books, articles, CDs, DVDs, and MP3s on my computer and iPhone….Keep up the good work. The Lord Jesus is coming back to get us soon. I can almost hear the sound of the trumpet. Come, Lord Jesus! NB (MD)
Dear Dave Hunt,
We want to thank you for your ministry and your dedication for getting the truth out through newsletters, books, and media. Your diligence in study has been such a blessing to us as a family throughout the years since the 1980s/90s.

You are an inspiration by being a light in the darkness! You have warned us of heresies, cults, psychology, and doctrines of evil. You have helped us so much in understanding reformed theology and prophecy. Most of all you have encouraged us to be Bereans by studying the Bible daily.

We appreciate you so much for loving and serving the Lord and caring to get the message out to the world. Words cannot express how thankful we are. You are truly a servant of our Lord and Savior! D&JM (CA)

Dear Brother in Christ,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the generous donation of books that you sent to our facility….Your effort to assist us in supplying the prisoners here with educational Christian literature is a true blessing, one which I’m certain will reap eternal rewards when we go home to be with our Lord. So allow me to thank you again and let you know that any donations are welcome, as our chapel library is always open for more Christian literature, and the men here will read them. God bless you for your desire to make these books available to prisoners who are hungry for Godly insight. DK (KS, prison chaplain)
Dear Brother Dave,
I have been a recipient of your newsletters and a listener of your discussions with T. A. for many years now. I have and continue to recommend your teaching to all I know. When I saw your new T.U.L.I.P. book I immediately ordered four of them because I knew I would be handing them out to others. Notwithstanding that desire, in the Berean spirit, I endeavored to read it first before passing it out. I just finished [the] book and want to thank you for this marvelous resource.

When I was a Baby Believer, I was exposed to…TULIP…by a pastor at our large church. The Holy Spirit had given me enough discernment at that time to smell a dead fish. I knew this could not be right but I did not have the Bible knowledge at the time to counter it.

In the interim I have taken to lead a men’s Bible study with a pastor friend of mine and over the last 15 years I have been in continual study of the Word (although I am still a tentmaker). Everything I have come to know about the Gospel during that time and through today convinces me that TULIP is false…nonsense. What I appreciate about your book is that it provides a concise listing of all the pertinent scriptures and teaching to totally obliterate this…corrosive doctrine…. BF (KS)

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to make a thankful comment on a TBC question on Matthew 18. Your clarification of the real meaning was very helpful….I am a Christian now for 32 years…and I have listened to quite a number of sermons, with a considerable amount of them containing dubious or questionable teachings. In case of the latter I sometimes even had to leave the church building because I was not able to listen to what was being said any longer.

I nearly always approached the preacher/speaker or the elders “in charge of” pastoring the local church afterwards—either in private…or by letter—and addressed the points [that], according to my understanding of God’s Word, had been wrong.

I always sensed somehow that this was not the right way of handling such situations—at least not according to how God wants such situations to be handled.

But this “sensing” was not strong enough that I started to question this practice of mine seriously, since it seemed to be firmly rooted in Matthew:18:15-17.

Three months ago I was in such a situation again [and] according to my hitherto practice, I first approached the leading elder of the church where the sermon had been held and expressed my astonishment that the preacher had not been corrected….There were [many] additional telephone calls and emails [but, finally] I had to recognize that I had been taking a false approach all the time when dealing with such situations.

Since the body of Christ as a whole is “the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Timothy:3:15), corrections of false, misleading and enticing teachings are to be uttered publicly, not (never) in private with the rest of the body of Christ not involved.

Your correction of the prevalent wrong interpretation of Matthew:18:15-17 made this very clear!

To stand up publicly in the midst (or at least at the end) of a sermon in a service requires real boldness, truthfulness, true love of the Word of God…and really being led by the Holy Spirit! AS (Austria)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Thank you for writing your informative article in TBC’s July 2012 issue, entitled “Roman Catholics: The Neighborhood Mission Field.” For years, I’ve been puzzled as to why some of my relatives are so deeply committed to their Catholic churches, and now I see why, thanks to your frank and well-defined account of your own upbringing and family’s influence on your indoctrination into Catholicism. I was particularly interested in the list of sacraments and what they meant to Catholics, and how it’s considered a grave sin to know for certain that you’re going to Heaven when you die. This explains the hostility I’ve experienced from Catholics, when I even suggest such a truth. In closing, I’d like to acknowledge your dedication to TBC, and your persistent use of the many talents God blessed you with, in order to make clear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and, to expose and firmly abnegate false doctrines of all kinds. I’m greatly looking forward to reading the article on John Calvin and his ties to Catholicism. I’ve thought that there was a similarity, for years, but never had anyone else confirm it with me. Much appreciated, these interesting articles in TBC newsletter! NB (email)
Brothers in Christ,
I praise God for men like you. I am referring to The Seduction of Christianity [now out of print]. I know it is some 27 years since publication…but I have not read anything like it! My former wife (who passed in 2008) collected many Christian authors over the years, and I have finally been reading some selections in her library (a lousy attempt to explain the 27 years)….After reading some worthy books on end-time prophecy, I came across your book.

God has used all of you to open and identify most of the confusing attacks on the church that is destroying the very roots of our wonderful path of salvation. I must tell you that Seduction of Christianity was the frosting on the cake. It brought together all the fragmented pieces of Satan’s sneak attacks. A wonderful and incredible research effort, and I commend you both….

The effect your book has had is inexplicable. I am refocused, and all that I have learned in my “born again” 63 years, and the sorrow in my heart for the way the church is being “seduced” has influenced an even greater desire to propagate more information about what the Bible says….I pray the protection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be upon you, your families, and all to whom you minister. JS (TX)

While we may question TBC’s Arminian leanings in terms of Predestination and how the will of man intertwines, the latest issue of the Berean Call [August 2012-”Are We Too Negative?”] is so on target as to point out probably the most significant departure of the evangelical church in America. What is the most grieving is the response/criticism of those who claim to follow the authority of God’s Word while, at the same time, ignore the many warnings, exhortations, rebukes and exposures of serious and willful neglect of these same “negative” contents of Scripture for the reproof and correction of the believer. This is one of the most needed issues ever printed, and so needed in the 21st century churches in America. DK (email)