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McMahon, T.A.

Save the Date!

Our family has received a number of cards in the mail this summer with bold headlines exhorting us to “Save the Date.” If you are not familiar with that phrase or how it is used in context, the cards we received announced upcoming weddings and alerted us to mark the dates on our calendar. These serve as notifications that precede the official wedding invitation in order to make sure friends and family members don’t make plans that might interfere with a very special event. It’s more than a great idea for me on two accounts: 1) One came recently from my youngest daughter and her husband-to-be (so I couldn’t be more thrilled), and 2) we are using the concept to alert one-and-all to next year’s TBC Conference (with a slight difference).

We don’t have a date yet—but we do have a month. We’re hoping for mid-August 2013. We don’t have our speakers yet, but we do have an emphasis and a theme: Alerting and Equipping the Upcoming Generation. In keeping with our newsletter article series (A Generation Adrift) we want everyone over the age of 30 to bring someone under the age of 30. We offer a special discount to everyone…it’s FREE. We don’t charge for our conferences!

So, save the month…until we have a date. When we lock one down, we’ll get the word out through emails and our newsletter.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director