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Dear Tom and All,
How I praise our Lord for all of you that comprise The Berean Call. The walls of discernment seem to be crumbling all around. TBC is one of the very few reliable sources of clear and faithful biblical discernment.
Recently I was confronted (again) with the “life-changing” message of The Shack by Paul Young and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I thought perhaps these were fading in popularity but not at all.
I am deeply saddened by the deceptive stronghold that these and other books hold in today’s “Christian” market. You get so many wonderful letters from those in prison who are thankful for the ministry of TBC. Yet there are those today who are imprisoned by the deceitful ideologies, cloaked in “Christian” deception. Even when presented with the truth of the Word of God, they choose to be titillated with these shameful deceptions….
It is imperative that we take the Bible seriously. I thank you for remaining steadfast in these perilous times. LP (WA)
Dear Folks at The Berean Call,
This is an overdue letter to you to thank you for the wonderful books and resources that you make available. I recently finished two books that I had ordered from you: Ruth Hunt’s A Very Present Help and Paul Smith’s New Evangelicalism. Both were excellent and both really brought things home to me about two very important subjects, and in vastly different ways.
I have been reading with growing interest all your newsletters with regard to the Emergent Churches, etc….I found Mr. Smith’s book, which traces the downward spiral away from solid, biblically based teaching…at some of the country’s top theological seminaries to be very informative and very sobering….
As to Ruth Hunt’s book, I really enjoyed the way she interspersed the experiences of biblical characters with situations relevant to believers today. Of particular interest to me was how she likened the world to the Bethesda pool, and all of humanity trying desperately to be made whole. It touched me deeply because it helped me to see people in a different light, which is a perspective I have been desperately in need of….
Please tell Mrs. Hunt that I am grateful for the beautiful analogy…and I hope and pray that by God’s grace I will be able to keep to that perspective as I come into contact with people in the course of my work. MC (NH)
The world has certainly lost one of its greatest defenders of the faith in Dave Hunt. I can say with certainty that Dave’s teachings clarified any confusing questions I had about my faith and gave me a better understanding of God’s Word. I know that Ruth and readers of The Berean Call are comforted by the fact that Dave is now enjoying his eternal reward in the presence of his Lord and Savior. TC (email)
Dear TBC,
Please keep me on your mailing list! I am reading through some back issues and the one that stands out the most is “The Best 2013 (and Beyond) Resolution” from January.
In this article you spoke about not being “spoon-fed” and that we need to discipline ourselves with godliness. It is critical for our spiritual fruitfulness and protection as the apostasy overtakes professing Christianity and even seduces true believers…. MS (IL, prisoner)
Hello my dear brother McMahon,
I don’t know you personally, but in the Spirit, yes. I am from Venezuela. I felt so sad when I saw Dave’s death notice. I cried thinking of Dave’s family but I also thought of the resting place for a great server like this. I was investigating the topic of Calvinism on the Internet and I found The Berean Call and Dave’s debates on YouTube…. I want to encourage all of you at the ministry to continue focused on the target. Many blessings and may the peace of God that passes all understanding be with you all to strengthen and establish you in Christ Jesus our Lord. RM (Venezuela)
Dear Berean Call,
Thank you once again for your magazine….It is truly a blessing! I am a Seventh-day Adventist but I am not so foolish as to think that we are the only ones that know and appreciate truth when we hear or read it from other Christians. I not only read your magazine from cover to cover, I also photocopy much of it to share with others.
Many people believe Adventism is a cult and that we put Ellen White before the Bible. The strange truth is that many Adventists cannot “think outside the box” and mindlessly quote “sister White” over and above “thus saith the Lord.” I believe Ellen White wrote some beautiful and inspired words, but “Sola Scriptura” is believed by many in the church (which isn’t a “church,” but a 501-C(3) corporation.) Sadly, the church is in apostasy and has lost much love and respect from some of us. WL (FL)