Stand for Truth |

TBC Staff

Clearly, when you stand for nothing - you'll fall for anything. The biggest sin you can commit in the Church today is to insist on an adherence to scriptural truth. Truth divides, love unifies! I'm afraid that the "love" being promoted in the name of unity today is not love at all. God's agape love "rejoices in the truth". The love that is being proclaimed today is not love at all -- it is simply tolerance mistaken for love. It is a counterfeit love, a perfect complement to the counterfeit Spirit that is taking control of the Church today. It is leading to an unscriptural unity -- a unity that will finally be realized when the Anti-Christ and his false prophet rise up with "all power and signs, and lying wonders" (Charles S. Graves, "Anointing or Apostasy: The Latter Rain Legacy," p. 34).