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T.A. McMahon

Weaning Ourselves Off Ourselves

Someone noted that self is like a dominant weed in the garden of life. All efforts to uproot self are short-lived at best and, like weeds, self (meaning our self-serving, self-centered preoccupation and bias) will continue to crop up no matter how diligent are our attempts at removing it. That was impossible before we put our faith in Jesus Christ, and it’s a continual struggle as true believers in Him. So how do we win that ongoing battle?

Dave Hunt gives some great insights in this issue’s feature article “Choosing God’s Will.” I encourage you to read it more than once. The solution is in knowing God and loving Him. In my own struggle regarding self, my objective has been to love Jesus more than I love myself. As that takes place, the choices I make are aimed at pleasing Him rather than pleasing myself. Doing “those things that are pleasing in His sight” results in obedience and fruitfulness as well as a witness of one’s love for Jesus (1 John:3:22).

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director