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Dear TBC,

I’m sure God will use The Berean Call ministry in this New Year to teach, warn, prophesy, inspire, and be an example to others. What an awesome responsibility and honor it is for us to serve our Father in heaven.

We got Tom’s new tract, and we’ve been telling other ministries to order them too. We’ll be spreading them all over the area, and a ministry in another state will be spreading them also. We must spread the Gospel to the lost in these last of the last days. I hope you and all your family members are doing well. We’ve been praying for all of you. May you and every believer in your family get a closer walk with the Lord and do His will in your lives, because we know that He is coming soon. BR (IL)

Dear Berean Call Staff,

It is our pleasure to minister to you of our carnal things, even as you have ministered to us spiritual things. Do keep up the good works and the faith until He sounds the Trumpet. May God grant you His wisdom and will in organizing this year’s conference. We look forward to watching online, if we’re still here and He has not sent for us all. LH (Canada)

Dear Tom,

I am very grateful to receive these discussions that you and Dave had in the past. When I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord in August of 1988, I was as blind as any man could possibly be. Somehow by the grace and mercy of the God we serve, He led me to The Berean Call. Dave Hunt and yourself, Tom, have been, and continue to be, one of the few “guardrails,” if you will, that have helped me to stay on the narrow path of Truth. May God continue to richly bless you. Stand firm. RS (email)

Dear T. A.,

I read your article on Reconciliation (12/17) at the exact time I needed guidance through an irreconcilable conflict. Had I not read your letter, I probably would have made the meeting much worse by “taking the bait” and dredging up past issues under the guise of “clarification.” So many conflicts are best left to God and Prayer. Thank you for sharing your four decades of experience. JL (NM)

Hello [excerpt],

Too bad you feel this way [about Catholicism]. I use a Catholic Bible—you know, the first Bible that came onto the scene? I can’t help [it] that men took out seven books from it and reformed it by adding other words to it…. I’m not trying to win an earthly argument. I’m just defending the one True Christian Faith. I can’t win what’s already been won and stood the [test of] time on sacred Holy ground that can’t be defeated. In the first place, since 33 AD the Roman Catholic Church has always been undefeated. Unfortunately, it appears you don’t know true scripture, for man has interpreted Holy Scripture in the Protestant faith. I know, I know, but it’s true: Catholics hold the truth. N (email)

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to say thank you all for all the work that’s done to help and even teach with the information that’s in the booklets [Berean Bites], papers, etc., that I and others really love. Thank you…all. RS (prisoner, TX)

Dear TBC,

Concerning the articles on “Psychology and the Evangelical Church,” this is so clear and well written...and honoring to the Lord’s Word! This psychological preaching (as the beloved late Dr. McGee called it) is a satanic humanist influence that is contributing to the apostasy in our day. The younger generations are being indoctrinated into this, and even in so-called Bible churches it is rampant. Thank you for writing honestly about it. Blessings in Christ. “And this is the testimony: GOD has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who hath the Son hath life. He who has not the Son has not life” (1 John:5:11-12). JB (email)

Dear T. A. McMahon,

Thank you for your faithful service to us Bereans in continuing the ministry after Dave passed away. I met and talked to him once in Iowa and was so impressed by his knowledge and humility. I’m [also] impressed by the letters to you from prisoners—thanks for supplying them with The Berean Call. AG (MN)

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