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Search the Scriptures 24/7 with T.A. McMahon, the co-author of The Seduction of Christianity , engages guests in discussions that biblically evaluate popular trends and teachings that are influencing millions of Christians today.

The objective is to encourage listeners to be like the Bereans of Acts:17:11. They listened to the Apostle Paul and were commended for searching the Scriptures daily to see if what he was preaching was true to God's Word.

Programs are released each Friday.  The most recent ones are listed below, or use the drop-down menus below to find just what you want!

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Titlesort ascending Post date Program #
Young Moon Meets Untimely Death February 17, 2009 0809b
Yogi Says He Can Save World For Just $1Billion August 16, 2002 0832b
Yoga's Conquest Of The West September 15, 2007 3707a
Yoga at the 'Y'...Why Not? August 2, 1999 0819c
Yet Another Contradiction in the Bible? August 2, 2000 0810c
Would You Believe A Talking Serpent? June 19, 2009 2609d
Would You Believe a Talking Serpent? August 2, 2000 0810d
Would Jesus Drive an SUV? November 28, 2002 1152b
Witnessing to Witnesses May 8, 2002 0522c
With All the Books and Movies About the Rapture, How? July 2, 2000 0710c
Witches Picket the Christians May 16, 2002 0532b
Winning The Right To Evangelize May 6, 2007 1807b
Wilt Thou Surely Die? January 8, 2001 0121c
Will We Ever See God? August 27, 2009 3609d
Will We Ever See God? March 30, 2003 1403d
Will We Ever See God? October 28, 2000 1050d
Will There Really Be an Armageddon? July 11, 2004 2804a
Will There Be Only One Judgment Day? February 28, 2009 1009c
Will There Be Another Final Solution? December 7, 2003 5003a
Will the World Convert to Christianity? July 24, 2005 3105a
Will the Roman Empire Be Revived? February 29, 2004 1004a
Will The Real Antichrist Please Stand Up? December 13, 2008 5008c
Will the Real Antichrist Please Stand Up? January 29, 2006 0506c
Will the Rapture Occur at the Last Trump? February 28, 2020 2009
Will The Rapture Occur At The Last Trump? November 12, 2006 4606a
Will The Rapture Be Pre-Trib? May 31, 2008 2208c
Will the Mahdi Be the Antichrist? October 6, 2007 4007c
Will the Jews Ever Build a Temple? July 2, 2002 0712c
Will the Jews Actually Rebuild the Temple? June 13, 2004 2504a
Will the Day of the Lord Be 24 Hours? January 12, 2003 0303a
Will the Church Have to Face the Antichrist? November 1, 2002 1162a
Will the Bodies of Believers See Corruption? May 28, 2006 2206d
Will the Antichrist Be a Muslim? with Thomas Ice (Part 2) March 11, 2016 1610
Will the Antichrist Be a Muslim? with Thomas Ice (Part 1) March 4, 2016 1609
Will Praying in the Name of Jesus Get You What You Want? May 8, 2002 0522a
Will People Who go to Hell Get a Second Chance? January 26, 2003 0503c
Will People In Hell Accept Christ? September 24, 2006 3906c
Will Loving Jesus Make You Rich? with Anton Bosch (Part 2) April 24, 2015 1517
Will Loving Jesus Make You Rich? with Anton Bosch (Part 1) April 17, 2015 1516
Will Jesus Return to the Mount of Olives? January 19, 2003 0403a
Will Jesus Return the Same Way He Left? November 21, 2004 4804d
Will Jesus Actually Return to Earth? August 2, 2019 1931
Will Jesus Actually Return to Earth? April 16, 2006 1606a
Will Good Christian Living Save You? May 17, 2019 1920
Will God Select Our Next President? April 5, 2008 1408c
Will Democracy Ever Work In Iraq? June 9, 2007 2307c
Will Christians Have to Fight the Antichrist's Army? February 2, 2003 0603a
Will Christ Really Rule for a Thousand Years? February 15, 2004 0804a
Will American Christians Ever Be Persecuted? February 8, 2002 0222c
Wiccan Witch Wannabes November 14, 2004 4704b
Why Wouldn't the Jews Believe the Truth? May 16, 2002 0532d
Why Would Pilate Ask Jesus, What Is Truth? April 25, 2004 1804d
Why Would Jews Vow To Kill Paul? October 13, 2007 4107d
Why Would Jews Preach to Gentiles? June 18, 2006 2506d
Why Would God Destroy His Own Creation? April 22, 2001 0441a
Why Would God Create Satan? July 22, 2002 0742a
Why Would God Bring All Nations against Israel? August 21, 2005 3505a
Why Would God Bring a Jew and a Gentile Together? January 8, 2006 0206d
Why Would Anyone Listen To Paul Preach ALL Night? May 12, 2007 1907d
Why Would a Loving God Tell Israel to Wipe Out Her Enemies? November 28, 2002 1152a
Why Will Satan be Bound...and Then Loosed? July 18, 2004 3004a
Why Will Judgment Begin At The House Of God? October 8, 2006 4106c
Why Were the Jewish Believers Amazed at the Gentiles? January 29, 2006 0506d
Why Was Pilate Reluctant to Crucify Jesus? April 11, 2004 1604d
Why Was Paul Sent To Sea? December 10, 2006 5006d
Why Was Paul Sent To Antioch? September 24, 2006 3906d
Why Was Jesus Born of a Virgin? March 22, 2008 1208d
Why Was it so Easy for the Jews to Turn to Idols? August 14, 2005 3405d
Why was it Okay for Peter to Eat Unclean Food? December 25, 2005 5305d
Why Was A Church Council Held In Jerusalem? September 3, 2006 3606d
Why the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism? with Randall Price (part 2) September 25, 2015 1539
Why the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism? with Randall Price September 18, 2015 1538
Why So Many Views Of The Rapture? September 10, 2006 3706a
Why Not Yoga At The Y? November 1, 2008 4408c
Why Must We Obey God? June 30, 2017 1726
Why Must We be Born Again? January 16, 2001 0131d
Why Must The Church Be Removed? August 27, 2006 3506a
Why Must the Church Be Removed? December 13, 2019 1950
Why Must Jesus Return? August 16, 2019 1933
Why Must Jesus Return? April 30, 2006 1806a
Why Mercy For Manasseh? July 7, 2007 2707c
Why is the Word of God so Quick and Powerful? November 13, 2005 4705c
Why Is The Lineage of Jesus So Important? March 8, 2008 1008d
Why Is the Al-Aqsa Mosque So Important? February 19, 2006 0806a
Why Is Prophecy Important? March 22, 2019 1912
Why is Man Under Condemnation? June 2, 1999 0619d
Why Is Jesus Coming Back? August 30, 2019 1935
Why Is Jesus Coming Back? May 14, 2006 2006a
Why is Jesus Called the Lamb of God? November 16, 2000 1130d
Why Is Jesus Called 'The Lamb of God?' September 25, 2009 4009d
Why Is Faith The Means Of Salvation? January 31, 2009 0509d
Why Is Faith the Means of Salvation? January 8, 2000 0120d
Why Is Christianity So Intolerant? March 31, 2017 1713
Why is Calvinism Such a Hot Topic? April 16, 2001 0431c
Why Has The Rapture Been Delayed So Long? May 6, 2007 1807c
Why Has Anti-Semitism Been Around For So Long? November 30, 2003 4903a
Why Fight About Calvinism? May 2, 2002 0512c
Why Doesn't the World Come to Jesus? August 28, 2001 0851d
Why Doesn't God Just Prove He Exists? August 22, 2001 0841a
Why Doesn't God Just Forgive All of Us? September 2, 1999 0919d
Why Does The Emerging Church Mess With Mysticism? December 22, 2007 5107a
Why Does The Emerging Church Attract Young People? November 17, 2007 4607a
Why Does the Church Support 12-steps Programs? October 8, 2002 1022a
Why Does the Church Support 12-Step Programs? January 16, 2002 0132a
Why Does the Church Support 12-Step Programs? September 15, 2022
Why Does the Bible Focus on the Middle East? January 11, 2004 0304c
Why Does God Refer to Himself as Us? March 2, 2001 0311a
Why Does God Create the Unsaved? July 14, 2007 2807c
Why Does God Allow so Much Evil in His Name? November 22, 2002 1142a
Why Does Entering The Kingdom Require Tribulation? August 6, 2006 3206d
Why Do We Even Talk About UFOs? April 28, 2001 0451c
Why Do We Criticize Everything That's Popular? October 31, 2004 4504c
Why Do Tom & Dave Always Bring Bad News? June 7, 2008 2308c
Why Do the Gospels Differ Regarding the Sign on the Cross? June 6, 2004 2404d
Why Do Islam and Terrorism Go Together So Well? May 16, 2004 2104a
Why Do Dave and Tom Do What They Do? October 17, 2004 4304c
Why do Catholics Worship Mary? April 8, 2002 0422c
Why Didn't the Roman Soldiers Break Jesus' Legs? June 20, 2004 2604d
Why Didn't the Jews Believe Jesus Was God? July 9, 2006 2806a
Why Didn't the Jews Believe Jesus Was God? October 25, 2019 1943
Why Didn't the Gospel Writers Get Their Stories Straight? February 2, 2002 0212a
Why Didn't The Early Believers Have To Keep The Law? August 20, 2006 3406d
Why Didn't Jesus Set up His Kingdom? November 14, 2004 4704d
Why Didn't Jesus Condemn Slavery? December 22, 2007 5107c
Why Didn't Jesus Bring Peace to Israel? February 22, 2004 0904d
Why Did the Soldiers Pierce Jesus' Side? June 27, 2004 2704d
Why Did the Religious Leaders Seek to Kill Jesus? July 2, 2001 0711d
Why Did the Pharisees Feel Threatened by Jesus? January 5, 2003 0203d
Why Did The People Of Jerusalem Want To Kill Paul? September 1, 2007 3507d
Why Did the People Greet Jesus as the Messiah? February 2, 2003 0603d
Why Did The Men Of Mars Hill Listen To Paul? December 24, 2006 5206d
Why Did the Jews Worship the Golden Calf? August 7, 2005 3305d
Why did the Jews Want to Stone Jesus? November 2, 2002 1112d
Why Did the Jews Want to Kill the Apostles? May 29, 2005 2305d
Why Did The Jews Stir Up The Gentiles? July 2, 2006 2706d
Why Did the Jewish Leaders Try to Silence the Disciples? April 3, 2005 1505d
Why Did the Jewish Leaders Cast Out the Blind Man? July 2, 2002 0712d
Why Did the Jew's Leaders Want to Kill Lazarus? January 26, 2003 0503d
Why Did the Greeks Desire to See Jesus? February 9, 2003 0703d
Why Did The Ephesians Burn Their Books? April 8, 2007 1407d
Why Did The Ephesian Authorities Let Paul Go? May 6, 2007 1807d
Why Did the Disciples Think Rhoda Was Mad? March 26, 2006 1306d
Why Did The Disciples Restrain Paul? April 29, 2007 1707d
Why Did The Disciples Follow Jesus? July 26, 2008 3008d
Why Did the Centurion Want To Save Paul? January 26, 2008 0408d
Why Did the Centurion Isolate Paul? February 9, 2008 0608d
Why Did the Apostles Have to Replace Judas? November 28, 2004 4904d
Why Did Stephen Give a History Lesson to the Jewish Leaders? July 10, 2005 2905d
Why Did Simon Try to Buy Miracles? September 11, 2005 3805d
Why did Saul Make Havoc of the Church? August 28, 2005 3605d
Why did Saul go From Persecutor to Believer? October 26, 2005 4505d
Why Did Satan Quote Scripture? July 5, 2008 2708d
Why Did Peter Resurrect Tabitha? December 11, 2005 5105d
Why Did Peter Become Cephas? December 8, 2000 1220d
Why Did Peter Become Cephas? October 16, 2009 4309d
Why Did People Think Barnabas Was Jupiter? July 23, 2006 3006d
Why Did Paul Want To Be In Jerusalem For Pentecost? May 26, 2007 2107d
Why Did Paul Want the Soldiers To Remain on Board A Sinking Ship? January 19, 2008 0308d
Why Did Paul Turn to the Gentiles? February 19, 2008 0708d
Why Did Paul Turn Away From The Jews? February 10, 2007 0607d
Why Did Paul Tell The Elders They Would See Him No More? July 14, 2007 2807d
Why Did Paul Refuse To Stay At Ephesus? February 25, 2007 0807d
Why Did Paul Have To Go To Rome? August 11, 2007 3207d
Why Did Paul Go Into Synagogues? November 19, 2006 4706d
Why Did Paul Dispute With The Jews? December 17, 2006 5106d
Why Did Paul Claim Roman Citizenship? September 29, 2007 3907d
Why Did Paul Claim Roman Citizenship? November 12, 2006 4606d
Why Did Paul Circumcise Timothy? October 8, 2006 4106d
Why Did Paul Appeal To Caesar? November 3, 2007 4407d
Why Did Paul and Barnabas Speak to the Jews First? June 4, 2006 2306d
Why Did Moses Flee Egypt? July 31, 2005 3205d
Why Did Mary and Joseph Flee to Egypt? April 12, 2008 1508d
Why Did Joseph Choose Nazareth? April 19, 2008 1608d
Why Did John the Baptist Have to Decrease? April 8, 2001 0421d
Why Did John the Baptist Doubt Jesus? September 11, 2009 3809d
Why Did Jesus Weep? November 1, 2002 1162d
Why Did Jesus Wash the Disciples' Feet? April 27, 2003 1803d
Why Did Jesus Use Parables? August 14, 2005 3405c
Why Did Jesus Tell the Disciples to Wait in Jerusalem? November 7, 2004 4604d
Why Did Jesus Tell Peter THREE Times To Feed His Sheep? May 12, 2007 1907c
Why Did Jesus Resurrect Lazarus? November 22, 2002 1142d
Why Did Jesus Receive the Vinegar? June 13, 2004 2504d
Why Did Jesus Predict Peter's Denial? June 15, 2003 2503d
Why Did Jesus Hide From the Jews? March 23, 2003 1303d
Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer so Much? May 2, 2004 1904d
Why Did Jesus Fill the Disciple's Nets? September 19, 2004 3904d
Why Did Jesus Feed the Multitudes? September 16, 2001 0931d
Why Did Jesus Delay His Visit to Lazarus? November 16, 2002 1132d_001
Why Did Jesus Choose the Apostles? November 16, 2003 4703d
Why Did Jesus Change Water to Wine? October 23, 2009 4409d
Why Did Jesus Change Water into Wine? December 16, 2000 1230d
Why Did Jesus Ask Peter to Declare His Love 3 Time October 10, 2004 4204d
Why Did James Tell The Gentiles To Abstain From Blood? September 10, 2006 3706d
Why Did Herod Question the Wise Men? April 5, 2008 1408d
Why Did God Take It So Easy On Ahab? April 1, 2007 1307c
Why Did God Scatter the Jews? November 2, 2003 4503a
Why Did God Release Peter From Prison? March 19, 2006 1206d
Why Did God Overlook 'Times Of Ignorance?' January 20, 2007 0307d
Why Did God Kill King Herod? April 2, 2006 1406d
Why Did God Institute the Death Penalty? May 15, 2009 2109d