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The Most Loving Thing a Christian Can Do

TBC Staff

True Christianity teaches that the most loving thing a Christian can do for another person is to point them to the only hope they have, the only Savior of souls in the universe, Jesus Christ. Like a lone rescue boat in a vast ocean, he is the only hope for humanity (Acts:4:12). Therefore, calling someone to turn from their sin, whether it is drunkenness or thievery or homosexuality,and then pointing them towards Christ is not a “bigoted” action, but an act of love (Acts:3:19).

—Grant Castleberry,pastor, writer, Marine Corps Captain, ret.


Nuggets from Occult Invasion

Dave Hunt

There was even a biographical entry in the catalog for The Nine, which described them as “giant reflectors of yourselves, gestalt practitioners, marriage counselors—pure energy of emergence quality available to all.” Price expressed the opinion that it didn’t matter whether the material channeled through Jenny from The Nine “came from Sirius or from Jenny’s unconscious.” The Nine were even consulted by Esalen’s senior directors in a famous meeting that resulted in a shakeup of the top leadership.


Cash-Strapped NYC School District has a ‘Director of Mindfulness’

TBC Staff

If you’ve ever wondered what an out-of-control educational bureaucracy looks like, New York City is a shining example.

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza recently warned of “painful” cuts to the city’s education budget due to COVID-19, but as the New York Post reports, that budget is “still packed with central-office fat.”

An almost-$200,000 chunk of that fat goes to a gent named Barnaby Spring, who holds the title of district “Director of Mindfulness.”

According to the Post, Spring wants to “expand yoga and meditation for students, staffers and execs” because he claims they’re “as important as academics.”

A former teacher and principal, Spring told the site that Carranza “is familiar with the practice of meditation and mindfulness” and “[the DOE] understand[s] the cost-effectiveness of this, almost as a preventive health-care initiative.”

The director has a taste for the good stuff, too:

One of the first steps Spring took as mindfulness director was to forge a partnership with the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which Forbes in November named among “the best meditation retreats in the world.”

Spring helped arrange for top DOE administrators, including principals, managers, superintendents and deputies, to undergo “leadership resiliency training” at the Berkshires retreat.

Surrounded by 100 leafy acres, Kripalu sits on a hilltop with beautiful views of woodlands, valleys and Lake Mahkeenac. The center offers classes as well as massages and facials, overnight accommodations and a cafe featuring salads and a “Buddha Bar” with legumes, grains and vegetables.

“At the beginning, we believed this was an opportunity for our superintendents and our executive superintendents to learn a little bit more about yoga and mindfulness for themselves,” Spring said.

The district sent 30 administrators to Kripalu in 2019 at a cost of $1,900 each from a $111,000 “yoga and mindfulness” training grant. Last school year, the district spent over $100,000 at the center, and $18,000 so far this year.

Spring was an actor prior to becoming a teacher. He taught for six years until he was “excessed’; while working at a Brooklyn field office he befriended Cheryl Watson-Harris, who is now First Deputy Chancellor under Carranza. 


Nuggets from Occult Invasion

Dave Hunt

Esalen became the New Age center on the West Coast before the term “New Age” became known. Esalen was into “channeling” spirit entities long before it became popular. Esalen had its own resident “channeler,” a young English woman named Jenny O’Connor. By means of automatic writing, a group of nonhuman entities calling themselves “The Nine” (and allegedly based on the star Sirius), delivered regular messages through Jenny and were at times quite remarkable for their uncanny precognitive accuracy. Co-founder Richard Price, prior to his macabre death in 1985, was so impressed that he began to involve The Nine in his Gestalt therapy sessions. for several years Esalen Catalog offered a course in Gestalt which it promised would be facilitated by “The Nine, a paranormal intelligence….”


Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Mecca of Human Potential

Dave Hunt

During the 1960s and 1970s many of the leading lights in the blossoming field of humanistic psychology used to gather to share the theories at Esalen Institute, in the Big Sur area south of San Francisco. In 1962 Abraham Maslow and his wife, Bertha, stumbled upon it almost by chance and thereafter enjoyed a long relationship with Esalen. Many celebrities, including Aldous Huxley, Paul Tillich, Arnold Toynbee, Joan Baez, Simon and Garfunkel, some of the Beatles, B. F. Skinner, Linus Pauling, and Jerry Brown, dropped in for discussions.


Educating and Safeguarding Our Children

TBC Staff

In the late 19th Century there was concern over “inroads of secularization in higher education and as a base for the education of lay workers and full-time Bible teachers, evangelists, and pastors.”1The main concern for parents then was how they could protect their children while ensuring them a good higher education? The other concern was for the sound biblical education of Christian workers, both lay and pastoral. The solution became the Bible College Movement, and between “1882 and 1920, 39 Bible schools were founded in the United States.” 2 In North America that number has now grown to over 1,200. 3 Sadly though, as we look at the current state of many if not most of these institutions, as well as the state of the church, we must acknowledge that Bible schools have fallen prey to many of the same issues and teachings, and in some cases worse teachings, than the institutions Christians were originally fleeing from.

Trusting parents send their near-adult son or daughter off to a well-established, high profile Christian institution and they return practicing “Christianized” Eastern mysticism and embracing the idea that all religions have the core truth about God. How did this happen? Well, parents believed the institutions were safe places where their offspring would be protected from false ideas, and never gave a thought to the need to “trust but verify,”to quote the late Ronald Reagan. Theologically sound parents, and many of their home churches, were not holding the educators accountable to carefully present the truth of the Bible, and it probably never crossed their minds that they needed to. What happens when pastors and teachers are educated in a Bible school that has in many ways abandoned Biblical teaching? They go on to pastor and teach in churches, of course.

A few weeks ago Alex Newman wrote the article, “Amid Coronavirus, Movement for Public School Exit Grows.” His opening paragraph has several important points:

With coronavirus keeping children home from public schools around the world, a growing coalition of Christians and conservatives is working to make sure that once the crisis is over, millions of children never go back. Instead, the coalition, known as Public School Exit (PSE), hopes to facilitate a massive exodus into the safe sanctuary of homeschooling and high-quality private schools.5

As we have noted, it is for valid reasons that Christian homeschooling advocates are working to persuade parents to shift from public education to “homeschooling and high-quality private schools.” They are regarded as a “safe sanctuary.” Although we know there are still good teachers in the public schools, public school has become one of the main tools used to transform culture away from Judeo/Christian morals, ethics, and beliefs. Besides teaching blatant immorality as a positive thing, schools are also bent on educating “Americanism” out of children and supplanting that with globalist thinking. People who do not have children in the public-school system, or are not paying attention, might be shocked at what the kids are “learning.” Besides that, we have seen some particularly good things coming out of the homeschool and private Christian school movement.

Oddly enough though, the week after Alex Newman’s article was published and we cited it in our Crux email, a homeschooler posted an advertisement by Christian homeschool podcaster on the Facebook page of Marcia Montenegro, our co-author of Richard Rohr and the Enneagram SecretSince Marcia’s page is unrelated to homeschooling, why was an ad by homeschool podcaster posted there? It was a promotion for “Your Homeschool and the Enneagram With Sherri Lund” being promoted on Lynna Sutherland’s crowd cast, “Live Without Training Wheels.”

At this point the Enneagram has infected over 200 Christian college and university campuses, so we hoped this ad was just an initial introduction into the homeschooling movement. After all, the premier reason for home-schooling children is to keep them safe from false and heretical teaching,and certainly the Enneagram is the false and heretical teaching du jour.

Thinking Lynna may simply be unaware of the pagan occultic roots, heretical theology of the Enneagram and, Marcia commented on Lynna’s site (which Marcia posted on her FB page). Lynna’s first response to Marcia was:

“I know not everyone is comfortable with the Enneagram”

Marcia then provided a short overview of the origins, problems, and lack of validity of the Enneagram. Part of Lynna’s response should be a blinking red warning light that this homeschooling resource is not safe:

I understand that for some, the pagan ideas woven into some streams of the Enneagram teaching mean they are not comfortable making use of that information in any way, just as some Christians are not comfortable with any version of Yoga or observing Christmas because of their pagan connections.”

Why someone would be “comfortable” with including “pagan ideas woven into some streams of the Enneagram?” In a recent interview with Doreen Virtue we demonstratedWhy the Enneagram is dangerous new age tool.” How someone claiming to be Christian can be comfortable with occultism, Eastern mysticism, and its practices, is beyond our understanding (How much rat poison can someone safely ingest?). Introducing these beliefs and practices to unwary homeschoolers and their children seems unconscionable.

As the day wore on, concerned homeschoolers began looking at the various homeschooling resources with a new eye. It sadly appears that, like the Covid virus, the spiritual virus of the Enneagram is sweeping through the homeschool population. Here is what these discerning homeschoolers discovered in their search. They found and sent us “Homeschool Curriculum Choices Based on Your Enneagram Type,” at Living Well & Learning Well with Alicia Hutchinson. We were also sent, “Enneagram for the Homeschool Mama” and “April: Discover your Enneagram!” both by Beautiful Feet BooksWhen one of the homeschooling moms who uses their material emailed the publisher asking for an explanation, she said she received a response which unfortunately included:

“…an explanation of why the owner believes the enneagram is a valuable tool”

Homeschool should be a safe environment for the children. Many parents do not have the biblical training to catch heresies of this nature and have placed their trust in those who operate within what Alex Newman called a “safe sanctuary.” But no sanctuary can or will remain safe unless someone is guarding the door.

The Apostle Paul called for the Ephesian Elders to constantly perform boundary maintenance in Acts:20:28-31:

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood. I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. Therefore, be alert, remembering that for three years I did not cease night or day to admonish every one with tears.


France's No-Go Zones: The Riots Return

TBC Staff

Saturday, April 18, 11 pm. Villeneuve-la-Garennea small town in the northern suburbs of Paris. A young man rides a motorcycle at high speed and hits the door of a police car. He breaks his leg. He is sent to the hospital. He does not have a driver's license but does have a long criminal history. He was sentenced several times by the courts for drug trafficking, robbery with violence and sexual assault.

As soon as news of the accident is released, hostile messages about the police circulate on social media; and in a dozen cities in France, riots break out. The riots are continue for five days in a row. police station in Strasbourg is attacked and set on fire. A school is nearly destroyed a few miles from Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

Rather than responding with firm language, the French government is saying that an investigation into the behavior of the police has been opened and that the officers will most likely be punished.

The coronavirus pandemic, which struck France hard, has been aggravating the serious problems already plaguing the country.

France's general population remains under extremely strict lockdown; the police have been ordered to enforce the rules ruthlessly. Permits to leave one's home were limited to 60 minutes, once a day, and no farther than half a mile. On Aril 23, Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said, "Since the start of the lockdown, more than 915,000 citations have been handed out; 15.5 million persons have been stopped and checked". The citations, according to newspapers, were given to people who stayed outside for more than an hour, or who went beyond the authorized limits.

People living in no-go zones [zones-urbaines-sensibles"sensitive urban zones"] are treated differently. Police officers have been told by the government not to stop them at all and to avoid as much as possible going near where they live.

"The choice of the government is easy to explain," he said. "The police would not have the materiel or the manpower to calm a large uprising". He compared the current condition to riots in October 2005,and added that the situation in France today is quite different.

The situation in France today is quite different. It is worse. In 2005, no-go zones existed, but they were not numerous -- fewer than a hundred -- and were located in the suburbs of the largest cities in the country. The police could still enter them; gangs and radical Islamist imams did not yet control them. Today, there are more than 750 no-go zones in France, and police enter them only by carefully preparing commando-like operations beforehand. Gangs and radical imams seem totally in control.

In 2005, the riots had begun with the death of two young men. They had been trying to escape from the police and taken refuge in an electric-power substation where unfortunately they were electrocutedToday, a simple traffic accident involving the police can lead to nights of destruction and looting.

In 2005, the police tried to quell the riots, unsuccessfully. For three weeks, the country seemed on the verge of a civil war. Today, because members of the government seem to believe that if riots occur, civil war really could happen, the police are asked not to intervene and to stand aside until the destruction stops.…In 2005, the people living in no-go zones were hostile to France. Today, their hostility has increased.

A few months ago, a police officer, Noam Anouarwho infiltrated Islamist circles, published a book, France Must Know. No-go zones in France, he wrote, are now foreign enclaves on French territory."The gangs operating there," he noted, "have formed a parallel economy based on drug trafficking."

"They consider themselves at war with France and with Western civilization. They act in cooperation with Islamist organizations, and define acts of predation and rampage as raids against infidels".

For years, successive French governments have chosen a policy of "willful blindness": they simply behave as if they do not see what is going on. They do not even try to find solutions.


Nuggets from Occult Invasion

Dave Hunt

We are left with the only other choice: that demons are behind occult phenomena. All the evidence we have examined thus far indicates that we have been invaded by personal beings of great cunning whose ultimate goal is to pull mankind down to the destruction which they themselves face for their rebellion. Yes, their goal was betrayed by Satanist Marilyn Manson’s “I’m on my way down and want to take you with me.” That sort of insane bravado appeals to certain people. But in laying the trap for most of mankind, demons masquerade as ETIs, Ascended Masters, splits of the psyche, multiple personalities, or whatever else appeals most to those with whom these evil entities have been able to establish contact. And their game is made that much easier by mankind’s amazing reluctance to face the truth—and by psychotherapists’ eagerness to play right along with their lies.


Preaching Only Two Times

TBC Staff

The 18th century evangelical preacher John Berridge (1716-1793) was called in by the Anglican bishop and reproved for preaching at all hours of the day and on every day of the week.

“My lord,” he replied, “I preach only at two times.”

The bishop pressed him, “And which are they, Mr. Berridge?”

He quickly responded, “In season and out of season, my lord”

—A. Skevington Wood, The Inextinguishable Blaze, Eerdmans, 1968, p. 212.


Premature Twins Given Zero Chance of Surviving Are Now Thriving

TBC Staff

Twin sisters Makayla and Makenzie Pope each weighed just over 1lb when they arrived at 22 weeks and three days, on 8 December 2019.

Their mother, Tracey Hernandez, told [media] Metro News how she started to feel"uncomfortable" when she was out Christmas shopping on thetwins' premature arrival date.

Just a few hours later she found herself in labour, 18 weeks early, nervous and scared that the twins would be delivered stillborn.

Recalling the experience, Tracey said: "When I went into labour they told me the survival rate for them was 0%. They said that babies born at less than 23 weeks just don't make it."

However, Makayla and Makenzie Pope were born alive and breathing meaning doctors from Duke University Hospital in North Carolina had to help the little fighters.

Their mother recalled the relief she felt at the time, saying: "They were only able to help them survive because they both came out breathing on their own. If they had struggled to breathe the doctors said they wouldn't have been able to resuscitate.

However, it is currently legal in Great Britain to abort unborn babies up to 24 weeks, or up to birth if doctors believe the baby will be born with a disability.

A spokesperson for Right To Life UK Catherine Robinson said: "It has been over a decade since abortion time limits were last debated fully in Parliament, in 2008. Since then the survival rate for premature babies has doubled. Our current abortion time limit, at 24 weeks, is way out of line with medical breakthroughs and the rest of Europe where the most common abortion time limit is 12 weeks,making time limits an issue Parliament should urgently revisit."

Makayla and Makenzie have entered the history books as the world's second most premature babies to ever survive.

[TBC: The twins were born at a Durham, North Carolina hospital, but this story originated in a UK daily.]

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