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"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth...." On the sixth day, "God created man in his own image" (Gen:1:1-27). That statement has nothing to do with man's physical body, male or female, for "God is a Spirit" (Jn:4:24). We can only conclude that man was made in the spiritual image of God to manifest to the universe the beauties of God's holy character: His selfless love, compassion, grace, gentleness, patience, holiness, and moral purity—as well as the power of choice. The latter, of course, was essential if man was to love God and his fellows—but that power, necessarily, opened the door for man to choose for himself rather than for his Creator!

In Adam's irrational and unthinkable rebellion against the God to whom he owed his very existence, Self (the autonomous self as "god") had its awful birth and, in partnership with Satan, has been trying to take over mankind's destiny ever since. Battles rage within and without as each individual Self competes not only with God but with every other Self for supremacy: conflict between husbands and wives, children and their siblings, parents and children, in a cacophony of "I, My, Me, Mine."

The moment man rebelled, the Spirit of God departed from man's spirit, and the image of God in which man had been created was shattered. Self was left to the unhappy loneliness of its insane pride. Imagine worms boasting of their power and glory and one gets a picture of the pitiful creature called man, mired deeply in sin, parading his positive self-image and self-esteem before the throne of God!

Jesus declared that the only hope for any man was to "deny himself [that wicked Self born in Eden], and take up his [individual] cross, and follow me" (Mat:16:24-26; Mar:8:31-34; Luke:9:23). In defiance of our Lord's command, Christian psychology (which is trustingly looked to for guidance by almost the entire evangelical church) declares that man's great need is, instead, to nourish and cherish the Self. Rejecting Christ's command, the evangelical church now follows Christian psychologists, who have become the new infallible priesthood. They have brought into the evangelical church the foolish wisdom of the world (1 Cor:1:20) with the excuse that "all truth is God's truth." That mantra confuses mere facts of logic or science with "the truth" found only in "the word of truth" (Ps:119:43; 2 Cor:6:7; Eph:1:13; Col:1:5; 2 Tim:2:15; Jam:1:18), which alone "shall make you free" (Jn:8:32).   Dave Hunt, TBC "Toward the Prize," October 2007

Key Scripture verses related to "Self"

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