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Dear Mr. Hunt,
I just wanted to say “thank you, thank you, thank you!” After listening to your message on YouTube…I will be purchasing your book. I really appreciate your message [on Calvinism]. The church my husband and I previously attended and grew up in was split because of this issue. We both felt an uneasiness (now I know it was the Holy Spirit) because the “doctrines of grace” was being added to our church doctrine. The leaders felt it was an “essential doctrine.” They said that we could still be members and not agree with it but we could not serve as teachers without agreeing to this doctrine. They also removed all books, curriculum, and tracts that weren’t in line with a reformed theology. We had a very hard time finding books/messages that gave scriptural arguments against Calvinism.

Fortunately, God still miraculously blessed us with finding scripture on our own, turning on the radio and hearing sermons spontaneously that were about this, [and] getting some different opinions from…godly men….I believe that a lot of people around our age (mid-30s) and younger are turning to Calvinism [because of] an unbalanced response to the tolerant, shallow teaching of many of today’s churches….[T]he leaders who were introducing this “truth” into our doctrine were intimidating through their use of “Greek and Hebrew” word translations, by so easily pointing [to scripture after scripture] to make their point, and by saying that since they were church elders they had the authority that we should trust. This doctrine is presented in such a way that people who disagree are essentially accused of stripping God of his Sovereign nature (scary!) and of claiming to play a part in their own salvation (horrible!). So, thank God for His Holy Spirit! And thank you for being willing, not to fight against Christians, but to present a scriptural response to encourage others like us! EP (email)

Dear Dave,
We have been listening to your audio archives, which speak about TheOccult Invasion.In it you reference a few quotes from C. Peter Wagner in reference to Lausanne II in Manila 1989, which then led to the beginnings of the NAR movement and the part he played in its inception. The article in November 2011 Charisma Magazineis written by C. Peter Wagner, “The Truth About the New Apostolic Reformation,” where he’s defending their movement. We don’t normally read this magazine, but God kind of dropped it into our hands. He’s basically saying that it’s just a group of like-minded individuals and that he’s not really the leader. In contrast to the quotes he’s made in previous sources, we thought it was quite amusing. Thank you for all the materials you and T. A. have produced over the years to help clarify the truth in God’s Word. MT (FL)

Berean Call,
I was getting your newsletter while I was in prison. I would always share it with other inmates. You sent it to me for free when I could not afford to give anything. Now that I’m out and have a job I want to support what you are doing. Receiving the newsletter was a major blessing. Let people know to remember the prisoner. There are a lot of broken, desperate men in prison.

I loved your article on the Jehovah’s Witnesses (Feb 2012). I love the JWs, but they are lost. They don’t realize it but their own name betrays their doctrine. If Jesus is the fulfillment of the “Davidic Covenant,” then, according to Jer:23:5-6, His Name is “THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (JEHOVAH TSIDKENU).” Again, in John:10:11,14,16, Jesus claims to be the “Good Shepherd.” Psalm 23 says, “The LORD is my shepherd (JEHOVAH ROHI).” The list goes on. Let’s warn them, as you say! GH (CA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I’m a 34-year-old born-again Christian from [the oldest city] in Germany. It’s over 2,000 years old and close to Luxembourg. I was not raised in a Christian home and had severe psychological problems when I was growing up. My life was without hope and without God. I became a Christian in 2001. I was involved with the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement for a few years, but the Lord quickly opened my eyes to some of their false teachings. The Lord led me to The Berean Call in 2005. I was really blessed by the Search the Scriptures radio show you did with T. A McMahon. I also really enjoy the Berean Callnewsletter, which I always download from the website. Your clear teaching really opened my eyes to the end time apostasy in the world and the church. You’re a very big role model for me. I really like the clarity of your teaching, but especially your humble and loving spirit. God bless you for all your years of dedicated work for the Lord. I hope and will be praying, that the Lord will help you with your health problems. God bless you. CB (Germany)

Just want you to know that after I got the e-mail [update 1/9/12 at www.thebereancall.org] from TBC, I forwarded it to some family and friends. Today, my sister-in-law wrote a note to thank me for the encouragement it gave her. She has very bad back, leg, and ankle problems, and can only stand for a few minutes at a time. So, thankyoufor sending it to me! One never knows what needs are “out there.” I pray for Dave, Tom, and allof you at TBC. Thanks so much for all you do! LG (FL)

Dear T. A. McMahon,
It has been years since I received a visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses, but last week one (just one!) came to my door. After acknowledging that the world is a mess, I asked whether he believed Jesus was fully man and fully God. He answered, “Jesus is the son of God.” We discussed the Trinity, which the JW claimed was a concept taken from pagan religions, and when I got to John:1:3, the JW told me that the KJV was a flawed translation. I didn’t know where to go from there, nor did I have a list of verses to show. He said he would return next week with his wife. Opening The Berean Call and seeing “Warning the Witnesses” was as though God was saying, “Here, let Me help you”! I wonder how many other believers are, like me, thanking God for sending this timely witnessing help through you. KR (MA)

Dear Mr. McMahon:
I read the entire article you wrote, published in the latest issue of Berean Call:  “A Generation Adrift, Part One.” It touches on so many important topics about the decaying from within of today’s churches, and even Christian lives.  Next generation believers, are indeed, in a stage of arrested development, having been led down the broad path that leadeth to destruction, by growing up in a “church” that’s more like a song and dance routine, with a corrupt, perverted “gospel” being told to them. They’re also given a very incomplete picture of who God is, and Jesus Christ, bringing them down to such a familiar, pat-on-the-back level that I find outrageous, and very sad.

I’m looking forward to part two of “A Generation Adrift.” All I can say is, keep preaching, and maybe some of those hearts will be softened, and ears will willingly open back up to the truth. NB (email)

Dear Dave,
I just read the brief article in TBC Today [3/19 at www.thebereancall.org] about the young man who refused to sing the song with its tribute to Allah. Kudos to him for taking a stand like he did. So many Christians have the mistaken belief that Allah and God Almighty are the same God. They couldn’t be more wrong!  Allah is the name Mohammed came up with to call the god he had “invented,” using the name of the moon god that was then being worshiped in Mecca. Allah is notthe God of the Bible, and bears no resemblance to Him. In fact, if we were really honest about it, Allah does not exist! Christians who don’t believe this should read the Koran, which is an instant opinion changer!

Dave, thank you again for your wonderful ministry...if we could get the whole Christian community to be “Bereans,” that would solve a whole slew of problems within the Body of Christ and in our personal lives—and in the world. Stay the course...you’re doing a wonderful work for the Lord! BR (TX)

Dear TBC,
I have sometimes been skeptical about some of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, thinking, “Well, He could have ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey because He knew the Scriptures said the Messiah would ‘ride into Jerusalem on a donkey.’” But the excerpt “A Passover Plot” [TBC3/12, Dave Hunt Classic], which condensed all of these fulfilled prophecies into a couple of pages, was a serious eye-opener. I had never thought about the fact that Paul knew so much of Christ’s teachings without having read the gospels, which hadn’t even been written yet! Of course he learned it all, and so much more, from Jesus Himself, which is why he had the authority to teach others and why his letters make up most of the New Testament! I want to copy this article and hand it out to my fellow doubting Thomases. MW (email)

Dear Dave,
Thanks to your presentation What Love Is This?, I have recently ditched Calvinism and lordship salvation. I just wanted to say thank you. For a long time I had a hard time reconciling God’s love and his sovereignty to the point that I was in such despair over this issue that for a brief period I just walked away from God. Not any longer...amazing grace how sweet the sound. Amen….Thanks, brother. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. JG (email)

Dear Berean family,
Your latest [January] was right on time. A friend telephoned me yesterday to ask if I knew about “Chrislam” and why were evangelical churches getting on board.

[A] few months before we left our last church, the pastor was promoting that book about the little boy who went to heaven and talked with his sister. I wrote two full pages about why it was unscriptural and had a conference with our pastor. He was glad I shared the info—but also asked that we not mention it to anyone; he just would not order any more books!! Now this story about “Josiah” reaching back from the dead to attend his parents’ church services, etc., and all the dream communication reminds me of my years in the New Age….My heart is crushed that the beginning of their book would profess Biblical life in practice, but then use that as a pretext to support their activity with demonic familiar spirits. Sounds like X Filesfodder…. MU (PA)