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McMahon, T.A.

Update From Down Under

My speaking engagements and travel through New Zealand and Australia could not have gone better. The saints who hosted us (me, my wife, Peggy, and son Patrick) en route were all gifted in hospitality; the fellowships that allowed me to minister were wonderfully gracious; and the personal fellowship with individuals provided great opportunities for ministry and edification to them, as well as from them to my family and me.

Dave Hunt’s influence in both countries through his visits, his books, and through TBC became very apparent as pastors and elders of various churches commented that many of those who filled the pews (to near capacity quite often) were not their members. Some drove many hours to attend our meetings. What our brothers and sisters in the Lord are struggling with in their churches and among loved ones knows no barriers of distance. Many of the issues that they face are due to the same growing apostasy that we contend with here in the U.S.—so our time together was a great encouragement!

God’s grace in answer to your prayers was apparent as He enabled me to give messages more than two dozen times (to which were added many lengthy Q&A sessions). Many of the later talks were fueled primarily by God-given adrenalin—exhausting but a blessing nevertheless. Continual sleep on the flight home and multiple daily naps my first week back aided my recovery from extreme jet lag, a new experience for me.

A final thought: if you have yet to have the experience of traveling around the world and meeting people for the first time, e.g., strangers who will be your hosts, it may seem a bit daunting. However, what I’ve experienced time and again is that when I meet believers for the first time, we have an instant bond between us. The most important Person in their lives is the most important Person in my life: Jesus. That which guides their lives—the Word of God—is what guides my life. That takes “having something in common” into the stratosphere, not to mention “eternity!” That’s just one of the reasons I’ll be thrilled to go again, as the Lord wills.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director