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Dear Berean Call,
Enclosed please find [a gift for the ministry]. It is God’s money, not mine—and you guys are doing an awesome job rightly (write-ly!) dividing the Word. Every month when a new issue of your magazine arrives I devour it, then I run around to the other Christian brothers here (two who receive TBC) and ask them (pester them!), “Did you read it yet?” Keep up the Lord-led work and thank you for combating the many false doctrines out there. DC (CO, prisoner)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I am a 23-year old recent college graduate. I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for what you are doing. I just read the February 2015 article you wrote on Roman Catholicism. It is so wonderful to have people like you who are actively making the truth of God’s Word known, and are shining light on the oft-easy-to-fall-into deceptions in the church today. I do not always agree with The Berean Call, and sometimes think that this organization has been too critical about certain things; but standing for the pure truth and the true gospel of our Savior is always good, refreshing, necessary, and a blessing. Thank you for impacting lives with God’s loving truth as the Day of Jesus’ return gets closer and closer! SB (email)

I look forward to receiving your magazine each month. Thank you for pointing out errors that have crept into the church, and for your faithfulness over the years. Shalom! SM (N. Ireland)

Dear Tom and Brothers & Sisters,
Thank you for your devotion to the Lord [and] for your diligence in keeping brother Dave’s mission going. There are so many non-biblical influences; it is a minefield out there. It is the work of The Berean Call that has kept me and my family understanding the truth of God’s Word and not the false doctrines of so many—more popular now than ever. I now have five grandchildren and it is with great humility that I say how grateful to God we are for your work that helps us to stay true to God’s Word. AP (NY)

Love your new [email] format! Crisp letters, easy to read! Clear and concise news articles. Thanks for all the hard work done to get out the newsletter and all the other material. Have been a follower for years and pass on your information. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom as you serve Him in these End Times! See you here; see you there; or see you in the air! Following Jesus! LD (email)

TBC Staff,
Please cancel my subscription to The Berean Call; I have enjoyed it for many years with Dave Hunt, but even all those years, it was too wordy and lengthy. I just don’t have the time to read it now, and the message has changed somewhat, so please cancel any further copies. I can always look it up online if I so choose. WG (MN)