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ActivistPost.com, 2/25/15, “Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Much Easier With A World Government” [Excerpts]: In a recent interview with the German publication Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bill Gates made some disturbing comments in favor of world government.

Not only did Gates advocate global government, but he also spoke favorably of the UN and NATO, completely overlooking that they are a major force of oppression in the world. NATO can’t even hold a meeting without thousands of people gathering in the streets to protest their actions. Someone as heavily involved in world affairs as Bill Gates should know all about this.

During the interview last month, Gates said, “Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people.…If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared.”

Not long ago this subject was considered a total conspiracy theory, but now one of the richest people in the world is openly suggesting that this is a good idea. Governments are generally a pretty bad idea, even when they are small they can still do a tremendous amount of damage. So when a government rules the entire planet, there is no telling what type of atrocities it will be capable of.



ChristianExaminer.com, 2/5/15, “Atheist hotline lures wavering believers” [Excerpts]: Secularists seeking community are quickly building an array of options including atheist churches and humanist chaplains. Now Americans and Canadians questioning their faith, religion and God can also call a toll-free hotline dedicated to exploiting disbelief.

Recovering from Religion, a national, non-profit secular organization created to appeal to individuals who have negatively suffered from faith or religion, launched a new “hotline” Friday to exploit doubts among Christians and other religious adherents and substitute secular activities for ministry and religious service.

The new hotline is designed to be a “beacon of hope” and offer reassurance to replace the “cold shoulder of rejection,” claims Sarah Morehead, Executive Director of Recovering from Religion said in a press release announcing the hotline.

Morehead claims Recovering From Religion “gets calls and emails daily from people around the world struggling with the consequences of doubting their faith,” saying these people risk losing marriage, children, jobs, friends or family “if their growing doubts are discovered.”



FrontPageMag.com, 3/3/15, “The ISIS Beheader Is the Victim” [Excerpts]: After watching Jihadi John saw through so many human necks in the name of Allah, we now know his name and his name is “Victim.” Sure, Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, may be a brutal killer, but he was actually a “gentle, kind…beautiful young man” who was “radicalized by Britain.”

That’s according to Asim Qureshi of CAGE, one of those groups campaigning against Islamophobia....He was caught on video saying, “When we see the example of our brothers and sisters fighting in Chechyna, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, then we know where the example lies. When we see Hezbollah defeating the armies of Israel we know what the solution is and where the victory lies.”

“We know that it is incumbent upon all of us to support the jihad of our brothers and sisters in these countries when they are facing the oppression of the west. Allahu akbar!”

CAGE claims that criticism of Boko Haram, currently using little girls as suicide bombers in a quest to wipe out the Christians of Nigeria, is about “demonizing Islam.”

The Washington Post referred to CAGE as a “British human rights group” and claimed that it “highlights some of the United Kingdom’s crimes against Islam.” Of the ISIS Jihadists, who rape young girls and behead their brothers, the Washington Post asked, “Are they actually victims?”

It speaks of Emwazi being “driven to the machete”....Britain did indeed drive Mohammed, a wealthy kid who graduated from the University of Westminster, to chop heads. It didn’t however do it by oppressing him with a nice degree at a nice university.

It radicalized him by coddling his violent hatred of non-Muslims. It provided him with the opportunity to attend the Greenwich Islamic Centre, the same mosque as the Muslim beheaders of a British soldier, whose Imam urged students to become terrorists. It radicalized him by treating him like a victim.