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McMahon, T.A.

TBC 2015 Conference…

We are excited to announce the speakers for our August conference! Paul Wilkinson returns to share the latest regarding the growing hostility toward Israel by both the world and the church as well as content from Israel Betrayed, a book that he is co-authoring with his pastor, Andrew Robinson. Dave James, of the Alliance for Biblical Integrity, will be back to help us sharpen our understanding of the Shemitah/Blood Moons teaching that’s currently making the rounds. Newcomers are Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center and Jiovanne Del Cristo, youth pastor at Living Word Fellowship (Palabraviva) in Miami, Florida. Jay tackles issues that have long been debated in Christendom, such as “young earth vs. old earth.” Jio will share insights regarding outreach to the Hispanic community and from his experience as director of Living Word Youth Ministries. I will also be contributing along the lines of the importance of fellowship; e.g., circling the wagons at a time when biblical Christians are being assaulted from both outside and inside Christendom.

The conference is set for Friday through Sunday, August 28-30, at the Riverhouse Convention Center. The annual picnic and open house will take place Sunday afternoon. Please register online and purchase picnic tickets by visiting our website: www.thebereancall.org, or give us a call at 800-937-6638.

We encourage you to make lodging arrangements well in advance. Hotels and campgrounds in our area tend to fill up quickly during the summer months. Additional details will be posted on the website as decisions are finalized.

We hope to see you here in Bend! Come and enjoy the teaching, the fellowship, and the spectacular weather during that time of year.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director