Question: Was Israel's response to Hizballah "disproportionate," as the critics say? |

TBC Staff

Question: Was Israel's response to Hizballah "disproportionate," as the critics say?

Response: This issue already seems to be ancient history, which shows how fast time passes and how quickly one forgets. Let me ask you a question: "What should the United States do if Canadians or Mexicans were shooting rockets across the border at us and our citizens were being killed? What kind of response should be made in such circumstances. Our leaders must respond in kind in the manner most calculated to stop the attacks and deaths of innocent people. This is what Israel did.

Israel responded with great restraint under very difficult conditions. Hizballah [which means "the army of Allah"] hid the terrorist attackers within groups of civilians, even launching their rockets from civilian apartments. Israel has the weapons to make short work of their surrounding enemies (God said He would make them like fire to devour their enemies round about, and that promise has been fulfilled-Zec:12:6). Instead, to save Lebanese lives and at the increased cost of their own lives, Israeli troops went in on the ground to fight the terrorists hidden among civilians.

Who does the world condemn? Israel, of course. All the problems in the Middle East are blamed on Israel—supposedly caused by her very existence. That hatred is sponsored by Satan.